Valet Parking Services

PSI valets provide a warm welcome to each and every patient, visitor, and guest.

Our valets meet, greet and assist with valet parking, directions, and assist with wheelchairs and personal belongings as needed.We understand the valet parking experience is amongst the many critical beginnings in the patient/guest experience and take great pride in being the absolute best first and last impression for the facilities that we serve. By focusing on what matters most – The Patient & Guest Experience – we have perfected the valet experience through continuous training, technology, and attention to detail.

Garage & Lot Management

PSI efficiently operates more than 70,000 parking spaces daily.

Our team members maximize space and improve revenue while attending to all operational aspects of a healthcare parking facility. They provide patients, visitors, and guests with clean, well-maintained garages and lots staffed with friendly, helpful people.PSI also provides Employee Parking Assignment Programs, Vehicle Stacking Technology, Maintenance and Security, Equipment Consulting, and Snow Removal Services.

Shuttle Services

PSI shuttle drivers safely transport more than 2.5 million patrons annually.

Safety is our #1 priority. Our friendly, helpful drivers transport and direct patients, visitors, guests, and employees to their destinations with an all-inclusive approach to service.We employ the latest in shuttle operations with everything from Clean Fuel Technology, Video/GPS Technology, Fleet Tracking, and more.

Patient Transport & Sitter

PSI helps reduce wait and response times all while providing a safe, friendly environment.

Patient safety and comfort is our #1 priority. Our patient transport & sitter services increase efficiency and help free up your nurses allowing them to focus on what matters most – caring for your patients.

Ambassador & Concierge

PSI goes the extra mile to complement the quality customer service of our client partners.

As a hospital visitor or guest, you have more important things to worry about than trying to navigate your way through the hospital, trying to find a wheel chair, making an appointment, or mailing a letter. Our services take care of these tasks and many more allowing your visitors, guests, and employees to focus on what matters most – the healing process.

Traffic Control

PSI traffic controllers keep traffic flowing so patrons move efficiently in and out of our clients’ facilities.

PSI Traffic Controllers provide safety and convenience for your patients, visitors and staff by maintaining consistent, organized traffic flow. Courteous and efficient, our controllers are ever-conscious of the impact that a construction project may have on parking, accessibility and overall patient and guest satisfaction. With over 100 years of parking knowledge, our team can collaborate with your project managers and implement a plan to ensure that everyone’s expectations are exceeded.


Founded in 1991, PSI management boast over 100 years in parking operations.

Our parking experts can assist you with feasibility studies, design and planning, identifying potential issues and providing alternative solutions throughout the planning process.Our team will help you better analyze, control, and manage your parking system by identifying the most cost-effective option for achieving your goals.


PSI offers sophisticated cloud-hosted technologies.

PSI’s technology is proven in a medical center environment and is priced competitively versus other parking technology solutions. Our PCI-Compliant technology offerings include:Point-of-Sale System (POS)Valet Metric System (VMS)ReservationsText-for-RetrievalMobile SolutionsOnline Payment SystemVehicle Stacking TechnologyReal-Time Reporting

Our Commitment

What people are saying

The members of valet parking have become valued members of our team and we appreciate all of their hard work and consideration they give to our patients.
– Franciscan St. Francis Health
I would like to extend a warm heart filled thanks to your employees who helped me change a flat tire today. Their promptness and professionalism was greatly appreciated. Please know the excellent service provided today will never be forgotten. Thank you.
– Cleveland Clinic
I want to thank you for the wonderful experience I had over the last several weeks in the midst of a difficult time. What made my experience more pleasant and regularly brought a smile to my face was the excellent service provided by the valet team. They were extremely attentive, coming out as soon as they saw me arrive and then getting my car again when they saw me coming out from the center. They have a kind demeanor and always offered a warm smile. When you are going through treatment, having people know who you are makes a difference. Seeing them do things unprompted (like getting my car as I come out the door), makes a difference. Seeing a friendly smiling face every day makes a difference!
– Cleveland Clinic
I just wanted to say how pleasant your valet employees are. They display great attitude toward the patients and other employees in the hospital. They display great hustle and during the busiest times of the day is when they shine. It is obvious to anyone that watches them that they take customer service seriously.
– Cleveland Clinic
The parking ambassadors helped me change a flat tire today in the JJ garage. The gentlemen were absolutely fantastic! This is world class service!
– Cleveland Clinic
I had a flat tire. Two service trucks came to my aid. The weather was terrible, cold and just plain ugly. The service, however was absolutely great! Parking Services should be commended for their wonderful care. Heads up for a super job.
– Cleveland Clinic
The valet captain is always pleasant and smiling! Whenever we pull up to valet, he always has a kind word and is quick to attend to our car! Excellent service!
– Cleveland Clinic
I had the most wonderful experience from valet parking and wanted to take the time and say thank you. When I pulled up to valet, a warm beautiful smile greeted me with the famous question... do you know where you're going miss? What a difference a great staff makes. I can't explain how much I am forever grateful for them! Awesome customer service! The first face that greets the customer holds the most value!
– Cleveland Clinic
Love it, Love it Love it! Especially since they began redoing a large part of the parking lot. It absolutely saves frustration driving around walking a long distance to your destination.
– Franciscan St. Francis Health
We used this service for + 7 weeks while having therapy. We were always greeted with a smile. Your employees are Excellent! They made a difficult experience more bearable. Well Done!!!
– Reading Hospital
For the past seven weeks my father has been receiving radiation and chemotherapy at the Clinic. As we drove up to the valet for the first time, many valet's were directing cars, opening doors for the guests arriving and greeting them. After a friendly greet, my dad smiled for the first time since his diagnosis. When we were finished about 40 minutes later, after checking out at the valet desk, we went outside to wait for our car. The valet from earlier saw us and said, Didn't you just arrive a short time ago?" I explained our circumstances that we would be arriving every morning at the same time for a while for treatment. He said to me, "I would be happy to help you. Look for me each morning and I will take care of you and make sure your car is close" This was a pure miracle for my dad! Your valets have touched our lives in an indescribable, incredible way. Thanks"
– Cleveland Clinic
I had a flat tire and call security for help. They contacted the parking ambassador team who were there to help within minutes. It was 91 degrees in the garage that day and the heat was overwhelming. I want to thank them for helping me get home safely by changing my tire to the spare I had in the trunk.
– Cleveland Clinic
When I came today to pick up a prescription, I was reminded of the people in the world who work hard to make what could be a difficult situation, bearable and even pleasant. Your valets are those people. Whenever I come to my appointments, I look forward to the courteous, kind assistance.
– Duke University Medical Center
Your valets are cheerful and respectful to everyone and so helpful. They are truly living the ProMedica mission.
– ProMedica
I attend the pain clinic at Dyer Hospital. I use a walker and the valets always help me get a wheel chair and get me where I need to go. They are an asset to your company.
– Hammond Clinic
Thank you for donating your service to help our cause! Our sincere thank you to your staff for going above and beyond to be there for us leading the event. Your commitment and hard work helped us have a successful event with easy parking for our guests. You have made a great difference!
– ProMedica
I love the valet service. I have trouble walking and can't walk very far. They are very nice to help me get from place to place. I have used the service since it opened and will continue to use it. Thank you.
– Columbus Regional Hospital
I have been coming to the hospital for years and every time your cashier is at the front desk, she brightens my day! She is so kind and happy and she makes a point to say hello and ask how I'm doing. It's rare these days to have an employee who goes out of their way to make peoples day better.
– St. John Regional Medical Center
I want to let you know that one of your employees went beyond the call of duty helping us. My dad was taken to the ER after a doctor's appointment. I left the ER to try and find my parents car... which was parked in the Duke South parking garage. The only way I knew to go to this parking garage was to walk out on a busy street but your employee helped me navigate a much easier way to get there. The employee then helped me valet my parents car so it would be ready for them the next day when my dad would be discharged. This act of kindness on a very long stressful day was greatly appreciated. Please convey my appreciation to him.
– Duke University Medical Center
The top of my list of the CRH's services is the valet parking. The valet personnel are helpful, courteous and pleasant. Parking is a problem and the valet is the main reason I use the hospital. Thanks for providing this important service.
– Columbus Regional Hospital
During my daily short wait for my vehicle, I had the opportunity to observe your staff at work. I have seen them hurriedly go to get vehicles so wait would be short. I have also seen them assist patients with wheelchairs along with patient's personal belongings. Your staff is friendly, polite, patient and efficient. Please convey my appreciation to your team for being" and "doing." Kudos to your staff on a job well done!"
– Duke University Medical Center
I have used valet before, but this was the best experience. Your valets went above and beyond to help me. They were so courteous and made us feel really special. Kudos to them!
– Duke University Medical Center
The valets were so helpful when I had so many bags to carry in. They were kind, friendly and helpful.
– St. John Regional Medical Center
The valets do such a wonderful job and could not be more helpful! I am grateful for the wonderful service they provide.
– Reading Hospital
I've used the valet for the last 9 weeks and they have always been friendly, attentive and they are definitely an A+ service to the hospital.
Reading Hospital
I've used the valet for the last 9 weeks and they have always been friendly, attentive and they are definitely an A+ service to the hospital.
Reading Hospital

This is a great service for everyone. My mother would not have been able to go to her appointment if this service was not here! Everyone is so friendly and helpful. Thank you to all who help with this service. Have a nice Day!

I have to bring my daughter to the hospital every week for blood work. The men and women who do the valet service are very personable and efficient and very kind. I would like to thank them!

Reading Hospital

A Blessing for visiting Family, Friends and/or Visitors of patients who are receiving care at the Hospital!

Methodist Hospital

What a great service, really a big help. Thanks!

St. John's Regional Medical Center

The valet staff is an amazing hard working group. They are professional, polite and caring. They truly helped make our difficult trips feel better. Bravo, Bravo.

Columbus Regional Hospital

I was amazed that my car was waiting for me! Thank you.

St. Margaret Mercy
The valet was really nice and friendly. Brightened up my day.
– Wooster Hospital
Wooster Hospital
"You couldn't ask for better People! They are the BEST!"
– Wooster Hospital

"This is a wonderful service for me as well as my 81 year old mother who frequently must go to the hospital due to various procedures. Staff is excellent and professional." 

– Union Hospital
“We are excited to have Parking Solutions as part of our team.”
– The Jewish Hospital
“My wife recently had a surgical procedure and I wanted to send you a quick note regarding the experience. To get to the point, it was the best start to finish healthcare experience I have ever had. From the valet, to people we passed in the halls, the PSRs, nurses and physicians, the service was incredible. I have been a caregiver at Cleveland Clinic for 21+ years, I have never been more proud of it then when we received care at your facility.”
– Jen
“Your team really got off on the right foot. The guys are excellent, professional and a real joy to have on campus.”
– St. John Medical Center
“(The valets) quickly reacted to a patient who was in critical distress and could not find the ER. They called a code and within minutes a team was initiated. Their fast work literally saved a life that day!”
– Lake Health employee
“The valets are always pleasant and greeting staff, patients, and visitors. I have observed them assisting many frail people in and out of cars, helping with canes and wheelchairs even when the people didn’t use the valet and they have no expectation of tips.”
– Lake Health
“PSI is customer focused and able to react promptly and professionally to any issues that arise.”
– Lake Health
“Your service is one of our most complimented services by our patients both by mouth and on the surveys!”
– Kings Daughters Medical Center
“PSI is an excellent company that provides a complete solution to my valet parking needs.”
– St. Vincent Hospital

“Your shuttle driver is always considering the needs of the patients before they get on the shuttle. It may sound like small things, but he consistently checks with me to make sure the shuttle is not too cold or too hot. Recently, he made a comment about making sure the radio was on an appropriate station for the age group of women we shuttle. I have never had a driver take that much initiative. These \little things\ make a huge difference in the experience for the patient. He has been great to work with!”

– OhioHealth - Grant Medical Center
“Run, run, run – rain or shine – you are there, always with a smile on your face and maybe a few kind words with a laugh to try to make a bad day a little better for those who need it. You all have brought the word ‘perfection’ to valet parking. You should all be proud of what you do on each and every day – you are the best.”
– Columbus Regional Hospital patient
“Thanks for all of your efforts at creating a great first impression at our front door.”
– Columbus Regional Hospital
“What a sense of pride I felt realizing what great ambassadors our valet team is for Columbus Regional Hospital. The valets at the front door are the most polite, thoughtful, and friendly people that our volunteers have ever met.”
– Columbus Regional Hospital