Founded in 1991, Parking Solutions, Inc. (PSI) has been driven to exceed our client partners’ and their customers’ expectations by delivering the highest levels of customer service and professionalism.

From our initial concentration on valet parking, PSI has developed a full range of parking services including valet parking, garage and lot management, shuttle services, ambassadors, concierge, patient transport, patient sitters, traffic control, special events, and consulting.

PSI operates under a regional focus. Specifically, we focus on facilities located within 500 miles of our headquarters in Columbus, OH. We choose a regionally focused business model to remain committed to our core competency – we deliver support to our client partners and team members at the curb every day.

Mission Statement:

To provide a superior experience for our clients and their customers which enhances their success.

Core Values:
  • Unparalleled customer service
  • Safety and security in all that we do
  • Unquestionable values
  • Opportunity, development and respect for everyone
  • Innovative thinking and continuous improvement
  • Support for the community and environment

Fast Facts:

  • Manage 100+ accounts
  • Employee over 1,500 team members
  • Responsibly manage over $60 million in parking transactions for our client partners
  • Valet park more than 2 million vehicles annually
  • Safely transport more than 2.5 million passengers annually
  • Efficiently manage more than 70,000 parking spaces daily