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I will admit, for a long time I had the opinion of "Well, WE ARE in the coyotes territory, We are developing on their land; the land they live and hunt on. Where are they supposed to go? What are they supposed to eat when we are the ones changing their natural habitat?"
BUT, I am hearing more and more tragic stories regarding these brazen coyotes-stalking, showing zero fear. It is quite disturbing and e ... xtremely concerning. When you do everything you can, when you ARE an aware and responsible pet owner that takes all necessary precautions to keep your animals safe, but you STILL can't take your dog out for a simple walk? Or fear for your children's safety? THEN extreme measures need to be taken. Our communities, city governments, and scientists that specialize in native species and habitat, need to collaborate and come up with solutions. wedding dresses for pregnant brides

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