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Okay lying in bed and was just reading some Facebook post per usual and it made me think of a story. Now this is not funny it’s totally opposite but I would like for you guys to participate and post your feelings on the matter no matter what they are. Debate kind. So the post I happen to come upon were females complaining about child support and what a piece of shit the father to the baby or children are. Number one why lay down with a piece of shit and let him do his business in your beautiful flower????? I don’t get it. So my life story goes like this! I am a daddies girl! Also have been! being the oldest of 2 siblings I remember and I saw and heard a lot more thank you universe. My daddy is nor has he ever been rich in anything but love. The lady that actually birthed me decided he was good enough to be a father when she fuxked him at the railroad tracks at 16. So again my dad never been rich really lived day to day. Has heart issues and other stuff I will never say. What I will say is that my dad at anytime if allowed would have taken all 3 of us loved on us and feed us and made sure we were well taken care of while visiting with him. Instead my so called whatever decided that she would use us as pawns to get money from my daddy that again he didn’t have! She knew this she always knew this! She would tell us you guys get ready your dad is coming to get you so we did and me being the largest daddies girl of all time would pack my stuff as well as my brother and sister and she would while I was peaking call and have him arrested for back child support. I would hear her tell him after I promise I will never do that again okay so again many times we would get dressed pack our bags and our dad would not show so I’m devastated crying I just didn’t understand until I would speak with my sweet Granny and she would tell me he was there she had him arrested while she made you guys stay in your rooms now this is at different times Christmas, birthdays, holidays or not. For me no matter what I believed in my eyes my dad did no wrong! My mom would talk so horrible about someone I adored! I still do! All over child support. She would make up these fake stories my dad beat her he broke her arm her neck etc. okay I’m old enough to remember I never saw her arm broke and I never visited my mom in the er with a broken neck and wait wouldn’t she be like in a wheelchair now??? Idk but my thoughts on child support stand here love from either parent is above money! I would have been able to spend the time I needed with my daddy. I would have had my dad at important events. I would have had my dad at daughter daddy dance if not for her using us as pawns to get money or to get back at him! Not to mention they took his license how the hell could he work? Well that was very difficult. Then at 12 my mom found a way she try to manipulate me but I knew better I was there! I remember it all! My mom tells my dad who is going to be with his children if he will tell me that he beat her that he could move in the house with us. So my dad did this to be close to his children he said things that could have never have happened because I was there and I remember it all! I went to my daddy that day in his bedroom because she thought she won some prize and I ask my daddy why did you lie and he said baby I just want to be close to you guys. I accepted that because I knew it was all lies and I had a chance to live with my father until one night I spent the night with my best friend who is now passed.... to come home to my daddy not being there. My mom had made up some more bullshit to get him out they both ended up going to jail prior to me getting home. Not trying to say my daddy is a saint but he is! They both had issues and were no good around or apart from each other. So yet again my daddy is gone. I didn’t even get to hug him bye but when she saw her manipulation was not working on me and it was not turning me against my father she had to do something blame him for something and she did! So personally I do not believe in court ordered child support I believe in being adults and co parenting sweet 16 court dresses
and instead of making it about money and making children pawn or chose a parent and causing trauma that some of us can’t get rid of... make it all about Love if the mother doesn’t have it daddy you get and if daddy doesn’t have it mommy you get it! Stop taking each other to court and raise your children non toxic! Stop giving them unnecessary trauma! I can’t think of where I would be knowing I had a mother who hated me so bad for loving my father so much if I was blinded by her manipulative ways! I would have really probably not have made it through childhood! No matter how....I made it I did and that is a different story! Again no pity parties just a story and l would love no matter how you feel on the situation to here how you feel so let’s have a safe, friendly debate my friends! I look forward to hearing from you all also if not tonight in the morning! You guys all have a wonderful night and sweet dreams and stay safe!