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This is pretty much about Doreen Virtue's change of course and re-embracing her relationship with Yahshua/Jesus.

We all take different paths in our journeys. I've gone down more than a few highways in my seeking and searching. At first I didn't know what it was I was seeking and over the last three years I came to realize I was seeking a "return 2 source" which is what I have called my Facebook Page.

This article is about someone I followed and learned from; someone my good old "catholic" church would have sent me to hell for following. She taught us about the stars, angels, numerology and all that amazing esoteric, metaphysical, astrological, angelic kinda stuff.

You see the church labelled her a pagan or a witch or a sorceress. Why? Everything she investigated, researched, studied - it was all stuff that was found in the Torah/Tanakh/Bible.

As a once RC girl, I prayed to my guardian angel every night. I talked to an "invisible" Mary on my rosary for 40 days year in and year out before Easter. I prayed to other "humans" who we call saints. I choked on the "incense" the priest (dressed in a dress) burned during Sun-day mass services. I bowed down before a man, asked a man to forgive me my 'sins'; had a man tell me what I needed to do after I confessed to a man "Bless me Father, for I have sinned. ..." strapless formal dresses

Really, I sinned and I want this guy to 'bless' me for doing so?

Oh, and of course I was a girl, so I couldn't become one of those cute little "alter persons" to assist at mass.

If you asked me "what religion" today - my answer is no religion. Religion is man made and I am Spirit made. I went to bible college and the greatest gift was I learned they couldn't teach me. I got it all in me, you know that "kingdom of heaven is within," stuff. When a man or woman teaches/shares they are teaching from "their interpretation, their perspective" of what something means.

So .... Doreen has returned 2 source. She, like I, absolute love Yahshua (Jesus/Yeshua...). She carries with her amazing wisdom and stuff that will help all of us heal.

The Torah/Tanakh/Bible specifically tells us about how the seasons are set by the stars, the moon, the sun; when to plant when to reap. There are angels speaking to the old guys in that book all the time. Oh yeah - and as I've shared time and again, if Yahshua was alive today we'd call him a Shaman or Reiki Master, or Energy Therapist ... after all that's what he did when he healed. He just didn't wear one of today's labels!!

BUT our versions of all of these - well they are all different; a word missing, a word changed, etc.

We need all the help we can get and I personally am soooooo looking forward to what # DoreenVirtue brings to us.