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Look at the facts we DO know. Look at history. As we became an amoral Hollywood became politicians started pushing social causes that gave legitimacy to immoral acts like see the increase in "acceptable" violence. Look at the film industry, where murders and blood and gore, and infidelity are sensationalized. Look at how movies like the 50 Shades clips are accepted as "entertainment".

Look at the total loss of morality and responsibility in much of popular music. As we saw the birth of "F*ck the Police", NWA, Gangsta Rap celebrating the terms "Bitches and Hoes", Rappers glorifying carrying guns and using them liberally against "rival rappers"female singers dressing in slutty clothes with dildos attached to them.

Grand Theft Auto-type video games...where the player is encouraged and rewarded for stealing, robbing, murdering and assaulting.

The creation of the word "baby-mamma" which is nothing more than an insult, and incredibly disrespectful.

I could go on and on, but there it is very clear that we have allowed for the creation of amoral generations. We NURTURE this behavior by conditioning our population to death and carnage....and ridicule those with morals.

I said before i have never killed an innocent person. But in combat I have. Many people think there is a huge difference. I suggest to them, there is a difference, but it is very small. You see, in the military, there is a lot of preparation...grooming. We learn how to dehumanize the enemy so we can kill them without letting emotions in the way. It is a long process that is honed in time through indoctrination, training, simulations, and finally put into action when the time comes. We become efficient killers because we also learn to control this ability. As the indoctrination, and training we learn to dehumanize our enemy, there is a huge emphasis put on the REASON. For us, there is a clear mission/objective. We are trained and "brainwashed" to be moral. The military lives values like Honor, Loyalty, Selfless Service and Courage. slutty wedding dresses

Now take the average young adult or teen. The human brain isn't fully developed until about age 25. They are immature and lack life experience and rational thinking, but they are like sponges. Most of today's youth have only known the destructive behaviors I mentioned above, and often idolize those amoral actors and singers. NO ONE IS TELLING THEM "NO"! Everything they see, hear and experience tells them immorality is acceptable...,that they should live in a state of rebellion...that bad actions have no consequences.

Today's youth are going through, or have already been
had the preparation, grooming, training and simulation training needed to dehumanize otherwise innocent people so they can kill them without letting emotions in the way....JUST LIKE military training....except there is NO MORAL BALANCE. Everything they see and hear supports behavior which can easily lead to violence. And NOTHING they see and hear suggests to them there are real consequences.

We have taught our kids for decades, that human lives are political pawns, and that they don't really have a value unless it affects them directly. After all, our own government has legalized the rampant deaths of hundreds if not thousands of unborn children each day...reinforcing to a teen that others around them have less worth and are ultimately expendable.

We have allowed for the glorification of being unpatriotic!

We raised a bunch of sissy la-la's that can't fight. We have a generation of ultra-sensitive weaklings that go straight to guns because they can't defend themselves. In my day, we'd just meet after school and fight man to man. And that was it!

I just read an article in the Army Times, that states new recruits lack the strength and coordination to throw grenades!

Years ago, I worked as a Correctional Drill Instructor in a Prison Boot Camp. One day, during a family visitation function, I asked the parents of a few of them "Where do you think you went wrong?" All four answered the same way "We didn't tell him 'No' often enough.".

Here is reality: Society created these monsters for the most part!

WE are responsible for embracing an amoral Hollywood!

WE are responsible for embracing an amoral music industry!

WE are responsible for letting our youth play games that glorify death and illegal actions!

WE are responsible for not teaching our children to become good citizens!

WE raised them to me amoral, to dehumanize and to embrace violence....with NO MORAL BALANCE!

WE raised a generation of "gun-punks" that can't stand up for themselves!

WE allow them to think REAL men are criminals and most women are sluts!

It is not the guns!
It is not the meds!
It is the lack of morals!
It is the demonization of masculinity!