simple and casual wedding collections in short length

I'm in hour # 30 at the hospital trying to bring my itch into the world. First induction failed, I didn't even get to a complete cm dilated. So they turned off the pitocin fir now, reinserted the cervadil and they are starting all over again. I am a first time mom with gestational diabetes, group b, anemia andddddd icp. So I understand it could take a couple days to get my baby girl into the world. Problem is that I'm falling apart. I have not been able to sleep even a minute I the past 3 days because of the itching. The doctor has tried benadryl, hydroxyzine, vistaril, zantac, urso, sugar and non sugar based fluids, pitocin just to see and even newbane. Ice packs, menthol rub, burn cream... nothing has worked. At home I would just lay in 11 cold baths each night add cry until I could get an hour or so of sleep. Unfortunately I can't just lounge in a bath here. I'm in so much agony [and I have been since I was 16 weeks and I'm 37 now] and am so tired and my skin is so raw that I don't know how I am gong to have any strength or every to push her out! Any advice? Ps- I have everything possible that is topical... I was hoping the docs would be able to get something in me to get me to sleep so I can be strong when it comes to delivery. What do i do? simple and casual wedding collections in short length