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Thanks To My Ex-girlfriend......! Part 27
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''You are so beautiful that each time, I get to see you just want to make you the mother of my kids....Esnart please can you marry me?'' romantically said Jack ''Awwwh Jack this to me is like a dream come true, let's hope you are not pulling my leg ka?'' happily responded Esnart ''I am not joking beautiful, I am very serious infact just say yes we start planning for our big beautiful and lovely wedding.... Please just say yes beautiful and I will be the happiest person on this planet to have such a beautiful hardworking wife.'' insistedly responded Jack with much emphasis '' Yes...! Yes...! Yes....! My lovely husband let's start planning about our big beautiful and lovely wedding that the whole Chongwe district has never seen, it will be the first of its kind sweetheart.'' finally agreed Esnart and as Jack stood up to almost kiss her, that's when Lina woke her up saying ''Hi miss nurse wake-up wake-up, wake-up its about time you get to prepare for work, I have already prepared breakfast for the three of us.'' ''Ummmh Lina I had a nice dream, you have just disturbed it..... Mmmmh but thanks for waking me up and good morning, how was your night sweetheart?'' teasing responded Esnart whilst happily greeting Lina ''Aaaah sweetheart you have to share with me about that beautiful dream, I have just interrupted after you knock at work, otherwise my night was awesome good morning too and hope you enjoyed yours as well... Now go get a bath and prepare for work, we are waiting for you at the table with Jack to have breakfast.'' happily responded Lina whilst walking towards the kitchen.
Later they had a delicious breakfast well prepared by Lina and Jack never hesitated in appreciating her for the wonderful delicious breakfast meal she prepared by saying ''Wow this breakfast is very delicious that if you are not careful you may bite your fingers and lick the plate, thanks Lina.'' these appreciative remarks made Esnart to feel outshined by Lina that it gave her some thoughts and she only realised that everyone observed thoughtful face when Lina said ''Thank you Jack, I am humbled and sweetheart Esnart what's wrong you seem to in deep thoughts, is it about that dream?'' before Esnart could respond Jack asked insistedly by saying ''Mmmmh what dream ladies? I want to hear some as well.'' ''Its nothing sweetheart Lina, I am fine and its not about that dream..... Jack its a ladies thing unless you promise you want to be putting on make-up and a dress everyday, I will share with you my dream.'' quickly responded in pretence Esnart whilst teasing Jack which sent everyone into fits of laughter, before Jack said ''Ok ladies you win, but please let's not forget about tomorrow we all have to attend a court hearing of our former evil hearted Maureen Phiri with her unknown niece who engineered that attack, so Esnart can you get a permit at work, we just have to be there together as a family.'' after those words Jack and Esnart drove off for work.
At the police station, it was a busy morning as all officers had to put things in place before the arrival of the deputy inspector who had got to say he was on his way to check on the police station condition and work ethics as mandated in the constitution of the land, so it was more like supervisory visit to Chongwe District Police Station. '' Imwe ba mambala mu zipase ulemu lero osapusa(You crooks should behave yourselves today, don't be foolish)...!'' rudely commanded the criminals behind bars inside the police the police officer ''Bwana kuli ciani lero(Boss what will be happening today)...?'' insistedly asked the criminal captain behind bars ''Iwe kubwera bwana mukulu deputy inspector(You the deputy inspector will be coming)...!'' rudely responded again the police officer whilst walking away to his office, Joly finally knew that the deputy inspector was just coming for her due to the text she had sent from inside the big bus and she felt really happy knowing that in some few seconds time she will as free as a bird in the sky out of that stinky jail cell.
In about an hours time, I black Toyota Hilux drove in the police station with a Zambian flag and its plate number was written on it GRZ and this gave the police officers a crew that finally the deputy inspector had arrived hence they paraded themselves according to ranking to give the police man a military welcome, once the vehicle had stopped one officer who was the driver of the very vehicle came out then opened the back door to the Toyota Hilux whilst saluting. A fat port-bellied man came out in an deputy inspector uniform came out ''We welcome you sir to Chongwe district police station sir...!!!'' in unison shouted the police officers whilst in salutation '' Thank you and carry on to your post duties...!'' responded the deputy inspector telling everyone to get to their various duties, then he ushered in to the acting top police station supervisor office, who happened to be detective Prince after he was introduced to all police officers at the station. Without hesitation the deputy inspector with command asked detective prince ''Do you a lady by the name Joly in your cells...?'' ''Yes sir we have she was apprehended yesterday after been a engineering an attack to a certain house that almost took the life of a young lady but luckily she survived.'' quickly responded detective Prince ''Ok so how far has her case gone?" asked the inspector ''Her case will be in the court of law tomorrow morning sir.'' quickly responded detective Prince ''Ok but can't you do anything to stop it? I want her out by today without any delays.'' asked commandingly the deputy inspector, this shocked detective Prince who was intolerant to corruption vices, who later responded by saying ''Sir its no longer in the hands of the police by its in the hands of the court and she can only out on a basis of a paid and signed for bail sir.'' ''Ok then I will pay and sign for her bail.... I will personally go talk the judge myself at the local court to see what he can do about it and let this remain between the two of us, otherwise you lose your job if I happened to hear this anywhere else, clear?'' rudely responded the deputy inspector ''Yes sir, all is clear...!'' quickly responded detective Prince whilst calling and instructing his subordinate to go and release Joly from the cells. short white lace wedding dress
Joly was happy to be out though not even thinking of her auntie only telling her ''You messed up big time you witch, I would have come rescue you if not for your big mouth, now you will rot in the stinky cell.....!'' as she walked out, were she saw her old time blesser and she ran to her to hug him then they left the station to a luxurious lodge.
It was towards lunch time and Jack felt like surprising Lina, by going for lunch as she complained of him missing lunch to his workaholic attitude, so he drove home without informing her that he was coming and he wanted to try to propose to her to see if she had given it a thought as to the last proposal he had proposed to her. As he got home Lina was very much surprised to see Jack home at lunch hour that she couldn't hesitate in asking him ''Mmmmh what have you forgotten home, mr work addict? because I know you ain't here for lunch.'' ''Kikiki.... People change come on beautiful princess, its your delicious meals that has brought me here.... Infact I want to ask of what has been your thoughts about my last time proposal, how is it beautiful princess?'' politely responded Jack whilst asking, Lina just laughed as he went back to the kitchen without uttering a word of Jack's question, but whilst in the kitchen she shouted saying ''I still thinking about it Jack, I will get back at you just give me some time..... Now I get ready for your favourite vishashi relish, I have prepared for you.'' calmly responded Lina.They had their lunch together and it was full of interesting stories which they both shared to one another which brought a lot of laughter. Later after their lunch meal Jack told Lina that he will come a bit late because of the work load he had both at the complex and the hotel of going through different business transaction documents of the recent month.
In the evening when Esnart knocked off from work they had interesting chats and Lina saw it wise to ask for some advise from her fellow lady about whether to accept Jack's proposal then or wait for some time, as she asked ''Sweetheart can I trust you a secret?" ''Yes sweetheart, I promise I won't tell a soul including Jack.'' promisingly responded Esnart ''Ok then, I trust you sweetheart..... Though its about Jack, he has been proposing to me for some time even today he did, though yes I have feelings for he but I don't know whether to say yes now or later after some time, what do you say about it sweetheart?'' excitedly asked Lina, it took a bit of time for Esnart to respond though she finally said ''My dear men are tricky, they need time before one could make a commitment with them, though Jack seems to be a good guy but give him some time its important to play hard to get to see one's seriousness especially these days kuli ma side chick with artificial faces all over town.'' they both laughed, before Lina could say ''Yes I think you have a point there sweetheart, I don't to cry because of a broken heart.... Thanks love you.'' appreciatively responded Lina. ‘’Sweetheart, can you excuse me I go sleep, I had a hectic day?’’ excusingly asked Esnart ‘’ Its ok sweetheart, I will be here till Jack comes, have a lovely night.’’ Politely responded Lina ‘’Ok thanks and have a lovely night too sweetheart.’’ Responded Esnart whilst walking away to her room.
Whilst in her room Esnart an enough time to think through what she has been just told by Lina about Jack proposing to her and wondered whether the previous was truly meant for her or it was the opposite.
‘’You are such a saint my inspector, I thought I was soon to be an inmate in that horrible prison, thanks once more infact, I will have to appreciate you later the woman way.’’ Appreciatively said Joly whilst in the hotel room ‘’Mmmmh its nothing for a beautiful lady like you, I can’t for that promise but first I have to talk to the judge handling your issue tomorrow at least to charge in favour of you.’’ Charmingly responded the deputy Inspector ‘’I trust you inspector honey, you will talk that lawyer out to be in support of us, I promise to make you feel like your wife has never made feel like.’’ Responded Joly ‘’Ok let’s get to drive through to his office now, we will come enjoy ourselves later whilst celebrating our tomorrow victory.’’ Responded the deputy inspector whilst gently holding Joly by the hand to see her off the room, for them to get to see the judge at the court of law.........Watch Out for Part 28 as we get to see if truly the judge at the court of law will be bribed by the deputy inspector to let Joly walk away free.
Nb: Happy Christmas wonderful readers enjoy wisely. For emphasis sake the character names and institutions do not indirectly represent any person or corporate of any sort because this story is entirely fictional aimed at educating young individuals to be ever reliant to GOD in all challenging situation be it relationship stress or disappointments because HIS is ever there for us all and has plans to prosper us and not to harm us, unlike resorting to suicidal resolution that mey terminate their precious, energetic and young lives that Zambia, Africa and the entire World may need to be a better place than it is now.
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