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These folks have an excellent system. You list your flight, you can get a package to carry. And then they pay, pronto. RIght to your bank account.

What happens is, once you join (free) and list a flight, they make an effort to supply you with a package to carry. When I was going to leave LAX for Shenzhen, China, sure enough, they got hold of me and said "We have a package." Their rep called ahead of time to explain how their system works, answer questions, etc. He scheduled a clean half an hour which was plenty of time, no rush. We were done sooner than that.

So here you are on the curb at the international terminal. How do they know to find you? What they do is set you up with a WeChat account, which is the widely-adopted Chinese multi-purpose chat app. Then at the curb, you see their van coming *in the WeChat map.* Very clean. They round the bend on the upper level and pull in to view.

Out comes a big box, and there's a photographic manifest already on your phone. You can inspect the box before they seal it. However, this is not all that practical if there is a ton of packing peanuts and goods wrapped in taped bubble wrap. But they also give you a Release of Liability form that states the merch has been screened by Airmule. It also says Airmule assumes full responsibility for the contents of each Airmule Travel Box, as long as the seal is unbroken. short garments good for formal occasions

So, a signature or two, mutual documentary selfies, and the box is mine. I take my baggage cart to my airline and it's off to China.

Upon landing, I put the box on a cart and walk through the Nothing to Declare line in Chinese Customs. I had been told inspections are unlikely, but I made sure to get pretty familiar with my phone's digital manifest. If any merch was levied a fee for Customs, the directions are to pay the fee and be quickly reimbursed.

Once through Customs, I hold the phone in my hand and in a few moments, WeChat pops to life with a Chinese guy I've (obviously) never met. We meet and he authenticates himself by virtue of being in my WeChat group specific to this shipment. He shows me the picture of me on the curb at LAX, with this box. Sounds like he's the real deal. I again selfie with him and me and the box. He does the same. The shots go in to the WeChat chat group.

And the box is gone.

And I kid you not, in probably thirty hours the $150 shows up in my bank account. (Airmule guarantees one week.)

Pretty slick. So you need a phone that works in China. I have a $30/month USA T-Mobile plan that has unlimited Chinese 2-G data and text - worked the minute I touched down. So WeChat worked. Otherwise I would have had to get a Chinese SIM card. The phone was a CAT S40. I could not be happier with that plan and phone - first time I'd tried either.

Read my next comment if you'd like to activate the Wallet feature in WeChat. WIth it, you can get Chinese Ubers, rent bicycles, buy food from the bilingual kiosks at McDonalds, 7-11, etc. American credit cards aren't good for much at Chinese retailers, but WeChat Wallet works fantastic.