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That night 1
My eyes flew open and I saw myself on the bed dressed in a camisole and my lace panties. I saw he was the one that had woken me up. “What is wrong? You screamed my name in your sleep.” he said with concern on his face. I replied I was dreaming and he sat up with interest on his face as he asked what it was about. I turned to him and leaned in for a kiss, intending to show him what I had just dream’t about.
He allowed me kiss him but I could tell that he felt a bit awkward about it and then he quickly drew back and muttered something about checking something in the kitchen. Following the dream I had had about my best friend, I knew I wanted to make it real, I needed to know if it would feel just as great in reality as it had seemed in the dream so i began to plan the seduction of my best friend. It was also a good way of getting my mind off being heartbroken so I felt I was dealing with my heartbreak in the best way possible.
I was home one morning getting bored out of my mind and decided to go to his house. It was like the Heavens themselves had planned with me. I had debated going out all morning because of the heavy clouds that was indicating an impending rain but you would understand if you have ever been caught in my situation. It threatens to rain all morning but never does until you have left your house then it begins to rain. Since my plan was a seduction from the onset, I can’t say that I was particularly upset that the rain drenched me in my short gown that barely covered my thighs. Being wet now made the gown cling to me like second skin and had turned the fabric transparent and his expression of concern turned to something darker when he opened the door to find me shivering there. He had apparently not been expecting any visitor and he was complaining about my outfit and the heavy rain fall at the same time that every time he threw a glance at me, I didn’t know which upset him more.
“All your goodies are out in this thing that you are wearing, do you want to kill yourself or catch a cold? If boys kidnap you and use you to warm themselves in this kind of cold weather now, you would come crying to me. Just look at how you are shivering.” I smirked in this non-repentant way and began to get rid of my wet clothing while telling him to calm down at the same time.
“Well I am already here and it is very cold as it is. You should be a gentleman and offer a poor girl that you saved from the some warmth you know.” There was no mistaking the invitation in my voice and I felt a twitch in his boxer shorts as he quickly turned away from me so that I don’t catch the movement.
“What do you think you are doing? You are soaking the entire living room. I am going to the bathroom to have a shower. I will leave some hot water for you so you can also have a bath when I am out,” he said and walked away but I was very sure I had caught glimpse of a boner.
I quickly stripped out of my remaining wet clothes and for a minute or two, I allowed myself to shiver from the cold before realizing that I needed to dry my hair as well. From past visits, I knew where he kept his towels in the bathroom so it was a good excuse to walk him on him bathing. Some hot bathroom fuck in this cold weather wasn’t going to be such a bad idea since he was apparently horny and I knew I wanted him as well.
I tiptoed to the bathroom and pushed the door open a bit and peeked in. His eyes were closed and he was leaning against the wall, stroking his dick. He looked long and I knew I wanted to wrap my hands around his long dick as I could see the veins and the biting on his lips as he jerked. It would be a shame to have him cum without me joining in the fun. I pushed the door fully open and his eyes flew open. He looked at me standing there naked and his eyes roved over my body appreciatively and I could tell he was far gone to have been his usual shy self that I had caught him masturbating. My eyes left his face to go back to his dick which I could have sworn looked like it had gotten bigger and harder just by looking at me and I concluded he must have been thinking of me while he jerked on his cock.
I didn’t say anything as I entered the bathroom and went to him, removing his hand from his dick and taking things into my own hands. He tried to tell me to stop but it sounded more like a squeal of pleasure and since he made no attempt at stopping me, I just stroked his dick with my hand like one who have been hearing of gold and finally had one in her hands. He was hooked. I looked at him and saw that his eyes were closed again and then I did something he was not expecting, I took him in my mouth. He gasped as my mouth closed over his shaft and I felt him throb in my mouth even as he let out a string of curses and profanities. He tasted salty and a bit of soap but I knew I wanted all of him in my mouth. My mouth began to go up and down on his dick and his hands went to the back of my head he began to face fuck me. I wanted to take all of his dick in my mouth but he was too big for him to fit so I concentrated on taking as much of his dick that I could. I then cupped his balls with my right hand and began playing with them while still going up and down his shaft with my mouth before moving to suck on his balls which brought out a growl from him like an animal in pain. He pushed my head away from him and the next thing I knew, he scooped me into his arms and carried me out of the bathroom. sexy evening gowns
He took me to his bedroom and and dumped me on the bed. I began to protest that our wet bodies would stain the bed sheets but he didn’t act like he heard me as he went to the closet and took a tie and one of my scarves that I must have left there in times past. He made no answer when I asked him what he was doing instead he tied both my hands together with the tie then he proceeded to blindfold me with the scarf. I was damn horny and ready for any game he was willing to play so I shut up ad allowed him take control of things. I felt something feathery trailing my skin and I arched my back in pleasure but then it stopped just as suddenly as it had happened. I grumbled and it came again, this time on my boobs and I whimpered in pleasure even as I began to feel another sort of wetness between my legs. He was apparently punishing me for my bathroom escapade and he whispered in my ears “Who is the daddy now? Say sorry and I would give you the pleasure you crave.” I wasn’t going to give in so easily so I kept my my mouth firmly shut and the pleasurable torture continued.
I felt the bed dip as he came fully on it and he parted my legs before applying the feather on my clitoris. I thrashed wildly but he held me down firmly with one hand and he whispered his need for me to acknowledge him as the daddy and say sorry. I was feeling like I was going to die from the torture of not having this ecstasy which seemed so close and so near and the fact I couldn’t see him or touch him made it more exciting and frustrating at the same time. I then felt his hot breath began to fan my clitoris with his mouth teasing like he was about to go down on me and when I arched my back so that his mouth could touch, I would feel him quickly withdraw. I felt like a petulant child that was getting a scolding and I knew I was wet all over and couldn’t possibly take another minute of this torture.
“You are the daddy. I am sorry, now pleasure me.” I drawled out and I heard him laugh.
“Open your mouth,” he said and I obeyed quickly to show my submission and I felt him shove his dick back in my mouth. He kept his dick in my mouth without moving and I began to lap at it even as I felt him inhale before he began face fucking me on the bed. I sucked and sucked until my jaws started hurting but I kept on sucking as I knew I needed to please him now that I had made him the master. He abruptly removed his dick from my mouth and I felt his mouth on my aching clitoris. He nipped gently and lapped with his tongue. His tongue then moved lower to my crack and I could feel his tongue inside me. I moaned loudly and tried to raise my hips so I could get as much of his tongue inside of me as possible but to my dismay he pulled back.
He untied me and also removed the blindfold before telling me to get dressed as he was going to drop me at home. I didn’t know when the tears dropped from my eyes and I told him in a very small and broken voice “I never knew you to be this hurtful and your need for revenge or punishment this much.” I was hurting that the table had been turned on me and I that had planned to be the seductress had been the seduced instead. He didn’t say anything as I stood up and bent down to pick my pant which was on the floor. My fingers were just closing around the pants when I felt him grab me from behind and he slammed into me from behind in one swift stroke.
“I would never hurt you. I just wanted to get you in this position. You don’t know how I’ve stayed awake all night dreaming of having you in my arms.” He began to thrust hard and fast and I tried to keep up with pace as he rode me to the edge. At long last, he whispered that he was close to releasing and I said I was ready as well. He turned me to face him and began pinching my nipples as he started fucking me with his eyes looking at me like he was trying to read my soul. Finally, I felt him jerk violently as he spurted cum and his climax triggered mine as I also began to climax and we both collapsed on the bed in a tired heap.