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Patience & Faith (Sunday 03 December 2017)
Are you battling with issues that now you think it is impossible to get over? Have you tried to surrender these issues to YaHWeH completely without taking them back due to your inability to exercise patience? (1Peter 5:7) The most common problem that we as a generation in This Period of Grace is facing, is the void of trust. We have ceased trusting men as well as Elohim. Thereby losing faith for both Elohim and men. YaHWeH is the Elohim of impossiblilities. Whom we need to completely trust, because He is able. Despite this knowledge we still question YaHWeH's ability in our lives by throwing doubt in our faith. Deliberately forgetting that when the children of Israel were leaving Egypt Pharaoh followed them in hot pursuit and the Red Sea was surging before them. But YaHWeH made a way where there was no way. (Exodus 14-16) red sexy prom dresses

Abraham lived to hold the promise in his hands it was due to faith. The scriptures say, "Without faith it is impossible to please YaHWeH".(Hebrews 11:6) How do you expect to be over situations, when your faith's life span is not even longer than the two minutes noodles? It is impossible. But my brethren know that it has nothing do with the size of one's faith for things to happen in one's live. But it is the duration of one holding on to that faith. Is it not written, with faith even "as small as a mustard seed you can tell a mountain to be moved and be dumped into the deepest part of the sea and it will be done." (Matthew 17:20-21) This is an indication that it is only by an individual's faith that problems can be resolved in that one's life. The faith of the pastor cannot save anyone but the pastor himself.

So as your faith can only save you. Not even the husband's faith can save the wife nor the wife's. Lot's wife could not be saved by Lot's faith or her daughters. My brethren, saving "faith comes by hearing, hearing from the Word of Elohim" as an individual. (Romans 10:17) Take note believer's faith must be Word based not signs and wonders, miracle, or Hebrew language based. Hence YaHShua said, "For every idle word a man speaks, he shall give account for it on the Day Judgment". It shall be "By our words we shall be condemned and by our words we shall be justified" . (Matthew 12:36) James said, "Words without actions are dead".(James 2:17) Action is based on belief. Are you a scriptural word based Believer or a Miracle based Believer? Your choice is the source of your salvation or your destruction.

Barak Shalom
Pastor Washington
Kingdom Principles Ministry Of YaHWeH.
Johannesburg, South Africa
Email : [email protected]