red colored items to wear that looks still sexy

Joe Cocker
Janis Joplin
Bette Midler (Mark and Mine connection to my Daughter)
Baby Divine
Ian Anderson Jethro Tull related to us 70 kids
Mario Lanzo her love of Opera
Jimi Hendrix
Purple Passion

Guess Who
Yes a guy fresh out of Nam had his eye on 14, 15, I don't know does not matter I babysat 3 girls, of a woman that took the brother, they would not let me leave that night around midnight while Dan was working at Steak n Shake.
I ironed several baskets of little girl clothes ruffled and she was to pay me 10 but left in the middle of the night.
Why, because ppl hurt ppl and it cause me much grief to see it happen. Well, God said this one we molded her for the mold, the moth, the poison, the earth. But, she still hates dog poop. Let that big Bull Mastive (spelliing) poop in the basement and garage, and then the woman and another maybe, carbon monoxide killed Duke. Big headed pure bread duke. Messed up ppl. And then he had Dan take baby Duke and lesser bull mastive and our neighbor shot both Duke and Charlie. Well, he a farmer had to do what he felt right for the cows feed the ppl. So did Mr. Smart in Tebbetts, my only dog from the engineer at the plant not full blooded but I always like the blond long haired labs, Sandy I named her. My 1st dog, ran after the cows, not the babies, but the after birth...she would not hurt a calf, but could stop and irritate the milking of the mama cows. Mr. Smart did what any farmer must do, just buck shot scare off the roaming dogs.
Then here were are and they will not respect their neighbors because they do not deer hunt, and then the spouse talks....behind our back....yea, my son hates his mom...for she in her twisted straight from her heart speaks what the world's truth but her guiding light is still Jesus Yeshu God Yahweh Holy Ghost Holy Spirit. And my old man is so beat down that it transfers all the guilt primarily to me. But this is fairness. Yes, it is but I am small and innocent of all slanderous of Outsiders in my world I made by the help of a broken man hardness his way of doing and working for his family a man has pride in his family and they still affect Terry's way. Yea, because my Jesus commands me to be the last witness for the first Witness of the Alpha Water Wind Woman Earth to Core Fire....I am tire. terry of ppl. Dr. James Seto Saw a Light in me. My only King Wise Man I know on this Earth. I am the witness for the judgement of Jesus Christ for the God Almighty. So what if you people think I am manic maniac, I learn learn research and it is too hard...I just want to have fun and get back to me what makes me soft....Jesus red colored items to wear that looks still sexy