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This is a long one...

Are you approachable ?
Not approachable by just anyone, but everyone !
Are you open armed and hearted for people that you cross paths with on a daily ?

I ask those things because of the blessing you can be to someone when you are APPROACHABLE!

I post this not to receive praise, but in hopes to opens eyes, minds and hearts to a world that lacks COMPASSION AND UNDERSTANDING!

A few weeks ago I was at Chic fil A... ordered and proceeded to window to pay and pay for the order behind me. Well this day, particularly, I paid for 2 cars behind me because the first one was such a small amount. I pulled ahead to wait for my fries that I asked to have cooked well done.(per usual) as I pulled around to park, the 2 cars came and waved at me and thanked me and one even made a point to roll down her window and tell me that she has done it many times but no one had ever paid for her order in a drive thru. So, as these 2 cars are pulling off and at the stop sign to enter the highway, I notice a man walking across the street and he looked like he may be homeless, but definitely in need of something. Both cars kept their heads turned the opposite direction and pulled out to go onto their destinations. As I approached the stop sign I continued to look at this man to purposely make eye contact and smile while nodding my head. His eyes lit up ! Like he saw a treasure ! He immediately changed body direction and started to approach my car. My window was still down from the employee brining my food out to me, so as he approached he very hesitantly said "ma'am, im not trying to scare you or approach your car but can I ask you something?" I said "oh sir, you don't scare me and I don't mind you approaching my car, what can I help you with ? red bodycon knee length dresses
He said, "well I was wondering if you could get me something to eat? I without hesitation reached over and grabbed my well done fries and chicken sandwich and gave it to him and said, "sir, I hope you enjoy that!" He replied with the biggest smile on his face and twinkle in his eye "you don't think I ain't about to?"

Y'all, I can't stomach the fact that if I had not been APPROACHABLE, that man may have not gotten to eat that day. Yes, he may have. I'm sure God would have sent another angel to be that man's saving grace that day ! But, I am glad that I know for sure, he wouldn't be hungry that night !

I am told more times than I can count or remember that I am crazy for being so "vulnerable" in situations as such ! What people fail to realize, I am covered ! He has me covered ! Whether I go out of this world helping a person I thought needed it, at least I went out like Jesus would ! Sometimes all a person needs is that one person for hope ! I hope I gave him just a little bit that day! Lord thank you for placing me daily in places I can be a blessing to others. Thank you for continually humbling me every time I am a witness to such sadness. I receive more joy from things like this than I can put into words. It brings me to immediate tears and a heart overflowing ! Thank you Lord for giving me Joy even though my heart breaks for anyone in need. I can't save them all, but I will try to !

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