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I am really disappointed in the spineless Democratic Party , the last time I was told the citizen of Detroit elected Congressman Conyers , not Nancy Pelosi , not Dale Kildee , not Jim Clyburn. Black folks I want to take you back to the Bill Clinton days , remember he had sex in the Oval Office and he got busted but he was given his due process and he kept his job! Remember black folks we call him the first black president, we rally around him and we still honor him , but when it comes down to a real black man we want Kill him off, or vilified him like he is a serial rapist. Black folk what wrong with us , why do we turn on each other , the last time I heard you are innocent until proven quality . I am tired of black folks who think they are perfect and they have live a perfect life , in the bible it states he without sin cast the first stone , so if Bill Clinton can keep his job and Donald Trump , can keep his job , let John Conyers keep his job. I am not taking anything away from the women who said they were wrong , all saying let John Conyers have his day in court , not the court of public opinion! racer back style wears for a wedding