off the shoulder evening gowns

The lynching of the Black woman...

I am not complete surprised on Black America's response on Monique's request that we boycott Netflix we had similar response to the, now forgotten NFL boycott, The Justice or Else 10.10.15 call by The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan position to boycott the Holiday season, H&M Boycott, No to Slavery boycott of products that use slave labor and explotive practices. Though each one of these have varying measures and degrees to them they have served to make manifest our division as a people and, to our detriment, publicly in the full view of our oppressors. off the shoulder evening gowns

It's very simple, a house divided against itself can not stand. I don't know all of the facts in this situation, but there is one thing I know, the black woman has been misused, abused and mistreated all over the world and though our position in life (Monique and myself) may be very different our enemy is the same.

When one of us cries out in pain it is only love that will make us respond to that pain properly. I don't have a lot of living reference points, I can only turn to on and ask what would he do? So, I asked myself what would he do?

Our brother Farrakhan, when Candidate Barak Obama denounced him, what did he do? He told his Ministers to not speak one word against Me. Obama, then he went and voted for the Brother, which was unprecedented for the NOI from it's highest seat.

Our Brother Farrakhan when D.C. mayor Marion Barry, who in his past had done some shady things towards the minister, was caught in a hotel room with a prostitute smoking crack on camera, Farrakhan went and sat in and supported him and his family through the entire trial.

Our Brother, Minister Louis Farrakhan when Michael Jackson was accused of molesting little boys, he not only supported our brother but he sent the FOI to protect him and NOI leadership to guide him through some of the most difficult times in his life and not for a dime...

Jesse Jackson, again in a bid for the presidency of the United States, denounced Farrakhan and again Farrakhan continued to support him. And the list goes on.

But why did he do it?

Because, Our Unity takes precedence over all of our differing opinions. The details of our disagreement can be hammered out in the backroom but in the front and on the streets we should show no division at all and I believe that until we understand this principle our progress will stay on "repeat" the same as it has for the last near 143yrs since slavery.

I am cancelling Netflix, because White men would hang a nigga if white woman so much as accused him of looking under her dress on a cloth line. As a man he tolerated not even perceived disrespect of his women. What the hell I look like as a man if I won't stand by my sister's side. If she is wrong or not, misguided or immature, so what, we can handle Monique, she is ours. But these demons that run Hollywood have been a worse enemy to us than she ever could.