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this month, she...
+ is in the 97% for weight and the 73% for height, and wears 18 & 24mo clothes
+ stands on her own for several seconds
+ walks while holding one of our hands
+ loves turning the pages of board books and screaming with excitement every time she sees a new picture
+ will often entertain herself for extended periods of time, and we can already tell she takes after both mama & daddy by being in her own little world, oblivious to the rest of us :)
+ waves hi and goodbye
+ working on high fives and kisses
+ claps her hands
+ understands "no" & "shh"
+ loves exploring new textures, and she is really excited about the tree lights
+ no real words yet, but lots of babbling
+ laughs whenever someone blows their nose :D
+ is constantly on the move... quickly cruising EVERYWHERE, crawling, grabbing everything
+ loves her daddy's music
+ starting to understand how to "touch gently" with people/pets/things
+ still teething like crazy, but no new teeth this month
+ started eating some chicken and pork and liked them both
+ was a PRO at flying. both times, strangers commented on what a good baby she was and how calm she had been the whole flight.
+ met all of her extended family on both sides!!! she was such a trooper, but the traveling and chaos definitely stressed her out. when we came home and she saw her crib, she screamed with happiness for 45 minutes not expensive wedding collections for maternity bride <3
+ has 3 moods... totally elated, utterly distressed, or entirely in her own world and 100% phased out