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Friday Sex Talk 18+
One of the first things that suffers when couples are having issues is sex. There are some men that will pay rent, bills, drop money for up keep and not have sex. Some women will cook, clean, take care of kids, live in the same house with their husbands and not have sex. They can live with each other for months, appear in public together, perform tasks together in front of the kids but they are drifting apart because they won't touch themselves and they've not touched themselves for months. In fact they hardly communicate and most times sleep in separate rooms. not expensive prom party wears in black
When you begin to find yourself in these kind of situations, you're headed towards divorce and if you guys don't divorce, you'll end up raising dysfunctional kids that have a warped idea of what marriage is.
When Marvin Gaye sang the song "Sexual Healing". To a lot of us it was just a song but if you look deeper the healing your marriage needs can come from sex.
1. Mr. Man you have to want your wife. Most women view sex differently. The moment you begin to drift from your wife, her mindset begins to reset. One of the first things she begins to ask is, "Am I not good enough? Why doesn't he find me attractive again?" Inferiority begins set in, when it lingers two things happen. Its either she gets used to it and channel her attention in another direction or she finds somebody that finds her attractive and begins to sleep with that person. May this never happen to you.
2. Men are also differently wired about sex. The moment you start drifting apart several things happen.
He can start masturbating.
He can get himself engrossed with stuffs that will distract him.
He can begin to sleep with other ladies. Ladies, this is an important aspect about men you need to understand. Its not as if most men really love those women they sleep with. No! They are just doing it to fulfill a sexual need. May this not happen to you.
3. Because of the way most women are wired, they usually think men are in love with the women they sleep with. This is so because most women attach a lot of emotions to sex. Please reset your thinking madam. Sex has a different meanings to both of you.
How do we get this sexual healing?
1. I recommend that you have sex daily for the next two weeks.
2. If you can afford it, go on a vacation and have sex thrice daily for one week.
3. Tell you wife I love you daily. First in the morning and before you go to bed. It doesn't matter if you just had an argument, just say it! There was a point in my marriage that I applied this therapy, it worked.
4. As a man, stay more at home and start helping out. Instead of spending time with your beer drinking buddies, stay home and help.
5. Show appreciation for stuffs done at home. No matter how little.
"Wow, lovely meal... Thank you"
"Thanks for fixing the light bulb in the kitchen, your the best"
"Thanks for helping the kids with their homework, I appreciate you".
6. Don't be judgemental. We have the tendency to always blame our spouse for the things they do wrong. However we can try to be less judgemental and allow things to cool off before we talk.
7. Let things go. Especially for women. Women have the tendency to bear a grudge for a longer period because of their emotional nature. However if you want sex to heal your marriage please let things go on time and move on.
All these will reduce the tension at home and allow sex to be less a hurdle. As you read this post today I want you to make up with your spouse, forgive each other and have sex every day for the next 14 days.
Don't be bothered if the first day wasn't fun, you have 13 days more to correct it.
You will succeed