not expensive prom formal gowns below 100

19 years together. Ups and downs. At first you was my FRIEND. Talk on the phone all the time. Damn!! That was back in the 90s. Started off cool. Lol i thought i was the smooth Dark skin BROTHER lol. I was a selfish dude them days. You was a young very very emotional young lady. With alot of energy showing me what to do in Essex county college. Thank you, then we had our first kid. Kiarah, The day i seen Kiarah come out your body i said to my self S@$! Just Got real!! Never had a baby before. Some thing new to a young selfish guy like my self. Its wasnt about me any more. Clothes, other girls, jewelry, making money just for my self, skinny young dude with the waves in my hair trying to be a player. I thought S#&!$ just got real because i never had my father. I didnt want a baby mother. So i work hard. Never being with a another women. Working two jobs. But then s@$! Got hard. Different things happen. Me you had our fights. Then when i thought things got BETTER. My mother Dies. And that weaked me BAD, real bad, MY WORLD was f@$!# up. Crying all the time. Depressed for 2 years. Lost my job, gain weight became diabetic. But yo you was always there talking to me. You said give self to the Lord MARSAYA. Took me a while but I did and times the rid in life got harder. But you Help me by reading and most important you help me with faith. I never had that before. Now we have 3 kids all girls. And look at us as they leaders every day. Even thought we want to kill each other sometimes we have faith and love.. Nothing special just BECAUSE its FRIDAY. LOVE YOU. The kid from school aka your husband MARSAYO. not expensive prom formal gowns below 100