modest formal wears for lds and mormon

So, we found out we were expecting again 2 weeks ago today. My heart dropped not because I don't want to love another child I just fear losing another child. This is my 5th pregnancy and we have 2 living biological children at home. We didn't plan to have anymore we were actually planning and budgeting for my husband's vasectomy and a tubal for me. Yes, we were both getting fixed. That is still the plan after this little one arrives. Anyways, went to the ER last night had ome cramping and spotting. All is and was fine until the ultrasound tech asked me "do twins run in your family?" My heart hit the floor I asked her "why would you ask that?" She said he couldn't get a clear picture but she thinks she sees 2 yolk sacs. Apart of me was thrilled but apart of me saw future me mom of 2 newborns a 1,2 and 3 year old. Yep, they are all that close in age. Tired exhausted just worn out. Then the doctor came in I asked him about it. He says I'm so early it is likely just a trick of the camera and that he for sure saw 1. For some reason I got sad. Crazy, I know. Just need yall to pray for us. I have to get a cerclage at 12 weeks like with my 2 girls in hopes it holds until 37 weeks if there are 2 little Fords growing in here I am scared outta my mind. It is so difficult for me to carry 1 better yet 2. modest formal wears for lds and mormon