mint green colored items to wear for formal occasion usage

And phillip said "i didnt know child rapists went to my shows to follow home whores..god just made me realize why i never cheated on you still my wife...but let me be boko then" & god said "no shyla will die she is too crazy i will let you make love to shyla while she is boko in her mind & you will see how mean she is then tell me all your fears of her for i am in disgust he thinks hes pretty & has a smile like a mule & then plays shy like a freak & then craves god for something to eat like a panhandler on a multibillionaire terrace & then hides in sheets to play going to sleep but fiends for a toothbrush & will creep out of bed to get it, then kill something and go to night in black and hallucinate and wonder if it was a child but its only a spider or an abducted city & then look at you like you did something while she was gone flying and look to operate on you for your head injury & get skilled surgically & try to demise you with fear until you panic & no longer want to be a guy but a woman she lusts & it is not like you phil , she is a real demon but it is space technology and will not last...soon she will be natural but she is scared of you & thinks you are boko in the spacesuit she shoots at because it is empty & she is beyond crazy & lonely without you & im sorry i took you out her life to be put on show like a theatre animal you may never heal not even with her love but i will try to make it right & the adam that did that is greived like a ufo who wanted to be you & father her like me but she didnt notice him she is too crazy ..he is dead he died and i eill make it right ..right now you saint praying for life and love i hear you my love i am your dad god i am making shyla quote for her to read instead of talk...goodbye piephil" mint green colored items to wear for formal occasion usage

And i say "phillip it isnt all like that. ..boko is me being a genius of avoiding sex...i dont see that ever making love to me as boko..i doubt it will happen it is too crazy_ you would have to actually be me & now i see god will do it , but i warn you i got jokes as boko"