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Themes include: The times and terrorism, the cost of growth, The New World order, Donald Trump and other bits and pieces.

We live in times of S.S. ( pun indulged ) meaning Stunning Stupidity. Just trying to get some sense out of these types is an exasperating exercise in articulation.

Years ago, when working at a manufacturing plant, there was a fellow that used to run a section. We'd cross paths and after a while, became friendly.
He'd often talk about " Imbos" in the exasperated sense. By " Imbos", he meant imbeciles.
His area ran well, the product was good and at good cost and quantity.
He achieved this with just two ideas.
- Identify the Imbos and put them in areas of least harm, thereby having more useful types in key positions.
- The second one was to have the quality level correct. He knew what would work.
He ended up leaving the job, and even though they spent considerable money on improving the plant, the plant didn't run as well.

A few years ago, would be Islamic terrorists were advised to use vehicles as a weapon.
That's exactly what happened earlier this year, and , again this week in Melbourne.
The Victorian Premier comes out to speak ( as he must ).
He does it by numbers;
1) Sympathise .
2) Minimise
3) Normalise.
The part that's missing? there's no mention of talking to the Federal government regarding the issue, that is, immigration.

The Prime Minister comes out and talks ( as he must ).
He puts forward the idea that it can't be an Islamic terrorist attack as he was alone and is bonkers.

Here's the exasperating part.
The Middle East is not known for sanity. It's not like " Oh we have a situation that needs a particularly sane person to deal with it, does anyone know someone of Middle Eastern heritage that's willing to help us out?"
Another. I chance a bet, that most people involved in blowing themselves up or running people over are not in the best of mental health. I'll even hazard further, being insane is a prerequisite.
Now some technical stuff. Not too much though.
Dopamine is a neurotransmitter. They're quite a few of them, but dopamine is considered a big one.
Some people can handle higher dopamine levels than others. In some that can't, the excessive dopamine creates short circuits in the left pre frontal lobe area. It varies in severity. Another problem is, that with mental illness there is a lot of co-morbidity. Quite a lot of them also develop obsessive compulsive disorder. The communication system in the brain has broken down so that when they get an idea, they are unable to check the idea, align/ realign with reality. Symptom: The maintenance of ideas without evidence, but far more profoundly, despite consistent evidence to the contrary. mermaid trumpet wedding wears sexy styles
Charles Manson's rants are worth a look if interested.
You'll find he starts with a statement that is very black and white . Psychologist refer to this as ' splitting'. From the initial statement, his thinking jumps around incoherently.
Dopamine levels rise with the onset of puberty.

Some patterns.
In Britain, a girl of Mid East heritage, going well, extra bright, but then, puberty arrives. She withdraws and goes off to ISIS.
In France, a women of Mid East heritage is hyper hedonic, a known party animal. She withdraws, starts dressing in Mid Eastern garb and becomes involved in terrorism.
- Australia, a Doctor of Mid Eastern heritage, hyper hedonic, party animal, withdraws, goes to the Middle East to help ISIS.

The patterns
sometimes hyper hedonic > withdraws > hyper pious .

There has been talk of an operation where their heads are opened up, and insulation place in the area of short circuiting

If we keep importing these people, we will have more trouble. We should be into deporting.
Our parliamentarians have plans to increase the importation.
What a bunch of Imbos.
Recently I have been modelling the economics of growth.
I was hoping it was a lot less bad. It's not. It's far worse than I thought.
We're looking at being less than half as wealthy per capita in a mere 15 years.
The model is an understatement, I didn't factor in deteriorating balance of trade. nor other net negatives.
Economics is lot like physics, trends can and do accelerate.
Our position, should we stay on the current path , will deteriorate from being one of ' under our own terms' to one of, ' under their terms.'
In a better world, Nation states would trade from a position of 'their own terms' as this would mean under mutual terms.
We do have some oil in South Australia. Might be an idea to tap that soonish, rather than later.
There's all sorts of denial. The stickiest denial ' oh, but with planning we can make it work etc.' Not really, the blow can be lessened but the fundamentals remain the same.
Already, we have ballooning public and private debt, asset sales and declining real incomes.

The New World Order, One World Government, no borders and so on.
It's an incredibly bad idea. It falls over badly at the first hurdle.
The human condition is such; power corrupts, absolute power, corrupts absolutely.
These people are proposing to take power away from people and put it into very few hands.
It disproportionately has Jewish finger prints all over it.
I watch a few videos of the people that are enthusiastic about it. Bush senior being just one.
In other recordings, they talk of this amazing charismatic leader, and it's a real religious experience for them.
The old testament does have King David, he is thought to have existed 1, 000 years before Christ and is considered, by some, to be the ideal king.
They're looking for King David.
On this, I'll remain agnostic.
If they do happen to find someone they think is King David, a thorough check of references is required. I want someone that even the Chinese cannot corrupt.
In the meantime, let's stick with nation states.
Donald Trump has been stopping the funding of things that don't benefit the American people. There is a lot of money here, and his budget position is improving all the time.
On tax, he's dropped the headline rates, but also some deductions.
On some deductions, he's capped them. This is good, some people were getting far bigger deductions for spending more, or living in higher taxing states.
Some will be worse off.
The business community aren't thrilled regarding the business tax as much as many would imagine.
Remembering that company tax is the very vehicle they use to avoid tax, I'm not surprised.
In summary, with the difficulties in finding the specifics, he certainly has the right people pissed off.
In a few years, some will probably look at him as King David.


Japan is probably the most interesting economy in the World as they have escaped the growth paradigm.
They will surrender negative, no , and low margin occupations for bigger margin value adding and on the upward spiral to becoming richer with less effort.
Evo Morales of Bolivia is an interest character.
We'll have some fun with that down the track.

Some economists, including friends think the asset boom will stop by end 2018 as trouble with China emerges.
Lincoln Scott is the debt economist in the group.
The economics of debt works. It's the analysis of asset prices and debt. The whole thing reaches a point where the assets fail to go up and many of the prices paid are too high to finance the debt used to purchase them.

Frank Ball is a friend that worked as an engineer in the power industry.
He was saying that CO2 can be taken from coal burning and used for making other useful products.
Coal is cheap power and we have lots of coal.
I hope the lights don't go out in South Australia this Summer.

Wishing you all the best of Christmases from the Rooster's wrap. :)

That will do for now.