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(They have what we called men's prostate
Prostate gland is an organ located near the
bladder .this organ adds its own gland to the
sperm to make it qualitative.
Types of prostate problem
-Benign prostate hypertrophy (BPH)
This is an enlarged prostate with no sign of
cancer .the enlargement can press on the
Causes of prostate problem
History of the problem in the family
.the risk is two time greater than average.
Aging is another risk Castor for prostate.
Men who eat large amount of animals fat
especially from red meat,may face a greater risk
than those who eat less animal fat.
Prostate cancer
Symptoms of prostate problem
1.severe waist or back pain
2.delay or difficult in starting urination
3. Frequently urinating
4.blood in urine or sperm painful ejaculation.etc maid of honor wears look unusual
Supplement that are very helpful
Omega 3
Clears the arteries( that blood to the penis).
Improves blood circulation to other part of the
Chelated zinc .
Essential mineral that feeds the prostate gland
,improves the functioning of the prostate to be
able to fertile a woman ,keeps the prostate
healthy and rejuvenates it when used with
Omega 3.
Masculine herbal complex
A hormone normalizer for men improves male
functions Luke premature ejaculation,low
libido,lack of stamina ,etc
Formula iv plus supplement
Feeds the cells ,increases energy and stamina
Cruciferous plus
Prevents hormonal related cancers eg prostate
cancer .