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Good morning Facebook!! So, I really got a shock the other day...no, not the electrical type, but one to my system. Sweetie had come home from her PT, and when she sat down, I couldn't believe my eyes...she hadn't been to PT...she'd been to the tattoo parlor!!! There were designs on the bottom of her feet, and up the outer sides of her ankles!!!! How could she??? I mean, we've talked about tats and neither one of us is in favor of them, and here she comes home with these weird designs!! After she peeled me off the ceiling, she explained that it was just tape tha the therapist had put on her feet to...help them? (And she says it has helped). In fact, it came off yesterday, seems as if it doesn't like water too well, and won't hang around after showering and soaking in the hot tub. I feel much better now...I'd at least expected her to get my name tattooed....somewhere. long sleeve mother of the bride dresses
VVA Chritmas party tonight, and I'll be wearing....I'll just wait until tomorrow...one picture is worse than a thousand words. So liet's get this day under way with a few cups of coffee and a big sigh that it was just tape. Have a wunnerful day, and be careful out there.