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Once again Facebook does not like the United States constitution. Exercises of free speech, press, etc, and,redress grievances.....
The only debate was on capitol hill,today. They are the ones responsible for the laws, the bills. making sure government works efficient. And the military is will protected including the veterans. The executive branch of goverment is responsible for negotiations, oversee and treating had an agenda almost like a wish list or one list fantasy and one in reality. The details are the responsibility of the legislature. So why are you all blaming
Trump for? When Obama was president he got blamed and the democrats got pissy. When Bush was president the Republican got pissy. The only thing you got Clinton on was a blow job in the oval office. Thank God Monica had the blue stained dress. Here is a,young girl that was used for a political gotcha. The only who stood with her was Barbra Walters. Not a man. Not even the first lady. Okay yeah I am up people's butts but think of this, I was looking for help in 1995 to 2000 no one was there, except a few women I worked with at penguin publishing. Maybe the parrot Poopsie, she knew. They thought I was having a,bad day. By,sheer stupidity was caring what everyone thought. latest fashionable evening party wears
Two New yorkers from two similar,sides are arguing for power. 1 and 2. There was Isaiah and Ishmael. There was Cain and Abel
You call it. Jesus is born a Jew. He was,to,be the king of Jews. It didn't work out that way so you can't control someone then throw them into jail, crucify them, put them through hell, then throw nails. Because of Truman and Churchill, the Jews got,Israel. Jesus is buried and risen to heaven but the Greeks recognized Jesus and titled him Jesus Christ. His philosophy of who he is not complete. I am not going to push for it. Papa Francis will know when.
Yet on great grand dad and Jesus sharing a day of peace, two men who have an opportunity to do something greater than themselve like a George Washington bridge and,heal a nation and make the boogie monsters and put all the demons of hurt and form a new bridge and let,one,female have a day or two of rest. Damn think you get elected president you don't represent one party. And if you are part of capitol hill you don't represent just one party when you finally get elected. No wonder we are screwed. You all need a time out. On probation for 60 days or be fired with a recall.
As for my brother Bill I,owe,him an apology today. He is trying to fix the sink. Eddie he is on probation. Mom I love that lady. Fairview is on probation including cliffside, edgewater, and fort lee. Act normal. The,greatest role anyone can play is by answer this question if you could,have any,job legally what would it be and go do it the best,but enjoy where are now because someone else,might want,to,try it. Be a teacher and student. The secret to your prophets and the son. We can't afford a shut down.