items to wear for the grade of 5th graduation purpose

This is my sweet friend's testimony Sara Lockhart she's let me share this amazing story with my friend's on Facebook........ Plz know if ur in addition ur not alone!!!

i agree with you one 100 percent beautiful girl cause i know the feeling been there i was raised in church and had Godly parents but when i got older i strayed and wanted to see what the world had to offer so i found out it was a dead end street i got hooked on crack cocaine and served the Devil for 10 years and this demon was a lot bigger then me and i was so tire and wanted my life back and seen what it was doing to my family so i would pray and pray so one day God herd my cry and delivered me off that stuff and now iv been clean and sober for 11 years and serving God ever since and i give him all the praise and glory cause i couldn't have done it with out him ,,no rehab ,no withdraws he did it all for me and if he would do it for me he will do it for you now thanks to the Lord i have my life back and serving him in stead of Satin,,,but my heart goes out to everyone that has some kind if addiction but that's were most people mess up they put the addict down and now knowin it's the drug driving them because deep down inside the addict really all ready hates there self and needs someone to talk to or listen that's why i tell my story may be it will help someone cause i know someone that will deliver them off that demon and there is help and his name is Jesus Christ,,and there's power in the blood and in prayer,,,heres a little song that what Heroin or Cocaine will do to you the drug just uses it's victim..;;; items to wear for the grade of 5th graduation purpose