drop waist items to wear of the wedding

I grew up in East Van , BC Canada, during a time when everyone treated each other like Family. We went outside to play, we got dirty...We played Hide and Seek, Red rover, red rover, we call [name of child on other team] over, Baseball, Football and Knock Knock and Run, Yards were not fenced, homes had no alarms or security systems except maybe a dog We ate hamburgers and hot dogs with or without the buns. For lunch it was alphaghetti or boloney/spam/grilled cheese sandwich while watching the Flintstones or Gilligan's Island. We walked everywhere barefoot. We weren't AFRAID OF ANYTHING. If you fell down you would just get back up. We challenged each other on the snow bank...King of the hill. If someone had a fight, that's what it was...a fight. We looked out for each other, had our friends back. When we fought, it was one on one and if someone jumped in, a 2nd friend jumped in to make it even. We had Honor and Respect for family, elders and friends, Kids weren't afraid of fake guns when I grew up. We left our houses as soon as we could in the morning and came home right after school, we hung out till 6pm when mom would call you in for dinner. We were allowed to stay out at night until the street lights came on. We watched our mouths around our elders because we knew If we DISRESPECTED any adult there would be hell to pay and we had manners and respect otherwise someone else's parents put you in your place. I am proud to have been raised in EastVan, BC. drop waist items to wear of the wedding

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