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Concerning a recent post that described the frustration of not experiencing a projection into 'this reality'.

Bare in mind this is a personal anecdotal experience, but does involve objective results and people who could verify it.

In 2010 I was part of a now defunct AP group. A person using a Rugrat as their profile pic and an obviously fake name asked the group if anyone was up for coming to visit them.

I decided to have a go and informed them. Admittedly I tried to go to their profile to at least find out where they lived but it was private and didn't give me any clues including their sex.

After a few nights during SP I concentrated on the task of visiting them. Completely cold and with no information I used pure 'matter of fact' intent.

After feeling a rushing my vision cleared revealing what I initially thought was a mossy floor covered in low lying mist. A little bit more study revealed it to be a massive forest... the mist was actually clouds.

The next moment I was floating in the middle of a wide street with sparse housing. The houses being detached, boxlike and pastel colours... my attention was directed sideways to a white house to my left.

The next moment I was in a green room. There were fairy/fantasy ornaments on the wall, one distinctly a candle holder.

The next moment I was gradually floating close to a wall covered in show posters; The phantom of the opera... Les Miserables etc.

I heard a name being called "Chris?"

The next moment I was standing in a victorian theatre filled with an audience wearing period dress watching a musical vaudeville type show.
I felt a tug on my leg and there was a little girl standing beside me looking up. She was very elven like and indicated she wanted to take me somewhere.
I took her hand and she flew me through the roof of the theatre and after traveling for a short while I could see a typical Neverland landscape.

The next moment we flew into a hollow tree root stump.

She ran to stand beside a little boy she indicated was called Peter.

They stood silently and I waited.

Suddenly the little boy in sped up motion moved past me to an alcove in the roots into what looked like a modern kitchen. Through the roots I could see a man screaming in anger at something and looking closer he picked up a cooking pan and hit the little boy over the head.

The boy in the same motion sped beside the little girl and stepped forward saying to me... "Tell Wendy I love her"

The experience ended.

I wrote it down immediately and then transcribed it directly onto the facebook page.

That night I received a PM from a girl called Krista.... totally freaked out asking how I hacked her emails and Myspace account.
I informed her that I didn't have the technical computer knowledge to do that and in no way hacked anything. I still wouldn't know to this day.

She realised I was telling the truth and recounted to me why she was so freaked.

She lives in Newfoundland in Canada in a white house. the road is wide and the detached houses around her are different colours.
Her living room is kermit the frog green and has disney character wall ornaments.
She used to have show posters on her wall when she lived at home but not anymore.
Her fiancé is called Chris.
The reason she thought I had hacked her email is because a week earlier Chris was away at his parents and admitted to her that the reason he was distant was that was physically abused by his dad which caused doubt, depression and insecurities. He was hit unconscious by his dad with a frying pan. cocktail items to wear of the online market
They were to be married and were upsetting their traditional families because they wanted a Peter Pan themed wedding. They called each other Wendy and Peter.

I became friends with both of them and they had the Peter Pan wedding. :)

The interesting thing about this experience is the information that was most useful wasn't the physical reality locations but the abstract second section of the experience.