casual wear for extra sized people of the wedding

i jumped off the bed after realizing it was 9:45am, Saturday morning. I dived into the shower quickly, partly wishing I had taken a rain check on the bachelors party the night before, although some part of me was crazy excited. so lets just call it a mixed feeling but truth be told i was more ecstatic than regretful. I tried to resist the invitation when it came the previous day, but a goddess was sent to deliver it and she was my ex.

I had opened the door to find out who was knocking that early, ad i was ready to rain fire and brimstone on whoever it was if it wasn't important. opening the door quickly but calmly, I was stunned to see the most beautiful version of the female homosapien standing before my eyes. Standing close to her put me under the same pressure as those in the hot seat of Frank Edoho's who wants to be a millionaire. She was stunning as always, too stunning i must confess, with a smashing fashion sense beautiful big brown eyes and a smile that would melt even the seared heart of Adolf Hitler.

Her outfit showed she was on her usual morning jog and the sparkle from her Nike shoes showed she took extreme caution about how she looked.

As I stood there in awe, all i wanted was to hold her in my arms one more time, I craved a final gratification with her. She stretched her hands and handed me an invitation card that was accompanied with her usual scent, Lavender it was. I reminisced about the old days and wished we were still together. I had become a christian but my flesh was not yet under subjection. I'll be expecting you she said. As she walked away in calculated steps, I started so much that my eyes hurt. My flesh was speaking to me and all i craved was a final gratification of flesh before I'm locked in an eternal bliss called marriage. casual wear for extra sized people of the wedding

I dressed up in a hurry, like i was being chased by my own shadow, Put on my tuxedo and stared intently into the mirror. Satisfied with the way i looked, I dashed out to meet the guys in the parking lot.

as we drove, we talked about the events of the previous night and the very events that awaited our arrival. I was quietly lost in thoughts, shuffling between the life behind me and the one before me, i was really nervous as i didn't know what the journey from today would be like.

We were the last to arrive at the venue, guests already seated as we made our way through the crowded entrance. As I hurried to meet her at the altar, she smiled at me not knowing what had gone down the previous day. she was beautifully dressed in a white gown that accentuated her curves and perfectly outlined her body frame. Her visage had a touch of professionalism and whoever was responsible should be given a Nobel price for beautification.

i felt like i needed to say something but we had talked about it on our way here, me and the guys. so amidst the guilt that was lingering somewhere within, i returned the smile even more affectionately. i took my position adjacent to her beside the priest who happened to have counseled us during courtship.

As i looked up and saw her seated in the congregation, all i could silently do was pray for her death. I did my best to avoid locking eyes with her but it was almost impossible as her heavy bust which was barely covered kept staring me in the face.

As long as she's still alive, I'll never be faithful to my wife. The lady who has the keys to my heart was in the same room as i and unfortunately she wasn't my wife.

I asked the lord for strength because i'm only human and having lived in the flesh all my life, there's so little i can do..

As we walked down the aisle as newly weds, i didn't feel any more controlled and i still wanted to explore the world. Maybe i wasn't ready to get married or maybe she wasn't the right woman. It was too early to be having these thought so i shut the thoughts away and braced myself for whatever was coming ahead.

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