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haha so I've been watching season three of dexter over and over consecutively for like a month or so at least and then just recently like within the past couple of weeks i heard this remix of the tour life song and started thinking it would go great with a montage of clips from the show, what with the whole "all my friends are dead" thing and season three in particular because of how it's a time when dexter is taking into consideration the concept of having a "friend" and inviting someone into that intimate side of his life and all. and wowwwww I gotta say this makes me want to learn how to slice and merge video clips to make full videos from bits and pieces sooooo bad, like even more so than ever before cuz I mean I've wanted to learn how for a while now already but i'm not exactly a very "techy" type of person and plus i'm usually super busy and what not so hence for now with this here video i'm just kind of trying to click around an episode or two to find parts that I feel go with certain parts in the song and stuff... and yeah if I knew how to add in clips from other episodes and merge them to make one smooth video and what not I might have ended it with one of the scenes where dexter jabs a knife into one of his "friends" as he's making a kill along to the heavy beats at the end of the song so that instead of the beat going along with the blood dropping on the wedding dress at the end it would go along to the jab and stuff... lol oh well I guess this will have to do for now until I can learn me some video making techniques burgundy bridesmaid dresses long ? I was actually originally thinking that the song open your eyes by k camp would be a good one to do for this show and season 3 especially because of the character of Anton and how he was an informant and the song says that word and all lol omg but yeah then I heard this song and wanted to try making a video for this one first... ps guys sorry about the dolphin kitty toy hehe aw I guess I should have moved that before i shot this and I was going to try re-taking this after I realized how noticeable it is but it had already taken me like ten tries to get the clicking and timing right for the visual stuff to go with the song close enough to how I was wanting... like I really want to make a "real", good quality video for this but for now this is just to give an idea of the inspiration and vision I've been having and a general idea of where I see certain parts of the show going along quite nicely with certain parts of the song. also I figure well the toy is dolphin shaped and the show takes place in Miami, kind of like the Miami Dolphins hahahaha omg and I don't really follow sports but I do like when things match up and stuff hehe aw xoxo pony friends <3