black colored items to wear that looks sexy

Tuesday Testimony....
There was a time when I use to care what people thought or even said about me, but as I've grown spiritually, physically & mentally .....I realize why others negative opinions of me don't matter and don't move me. I'm Sunshine Rogers, I stay in my own lane, I don't create problems, I don't buy into gossipers and I don't hate on others. I do my best to encourage, motivate and share my testimonies about my life experiences. I realize now, there are peop black colored items to wear that looks sexy ... le in this world that just want to continue to do the same things they have been with that said, I have to stay focused on my plans that God has for Sunshine, I'm going to continue to travel the world on my motorcycle to meet & greet, chat & chew, listen & laugh , even if it means doing it by myself.
I'm not perfect either, I do make mistakes. My biggest mistake is that I expect others to be excited about traveling more than 500 miles from home, excited about the endless possibilities of breaking bread with others, excited about getting out of their normal "CLICKS"
I realize that my expectations are too high for some y'all

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