ballroom wedding dresses

"Unforgivable" Party Twenty Seven


I walked down the elegant staircase ready for dinner. I had three glasses of red wine and worked up an appetite after gossiping with Katia and Skye.
On the itinerary Muriel sent, she wanted all the woman to wear a formal dress with Nigerian accents. They were the perfect girls for the job cause the dress they made me was dope. All i had to do was pick the fabric and tell Skye what style i wanted and she made it happen. The purple mermaid gown was high quality and fit the occasion to a tee. ballroom wedding dresses
"Ready for a quick touch of make-up," Stacy said walking me to her vanity.
"We met briefly when i first arrived but didnt get to chat, ive been knowing Muriel for years and we are very close. I was supposed to do her wedding but she didnt let me know soon enough in advance," she informed me.
"Wow, thats too bad because she had alot of guest. Im sure that would have been good for buisness," i replied.
"Ive been in buisness for the past decade but the last eight years have been my best. I think Lauren the tramp needed it more than me anyway," she said turning up her nose.
"Wait y'all dont get along?" I pried.
"That bitch is just funny money. She's like a crab at the bottom of a barrel trying to make her way to the top. She dont care who she's stepping on to get there or who's dick she has to suck," Stacy said applying foundation.
"Damn girl you got all the tea huh? That chick be acting all pretty and proper like her shit dont stink. When she did my make-up at the wedding she kept the small talk short and simple but thats probably cause she knew i had a big mouth," i chimed in.
"Yeah, i wouldnt trust her for nothing. She wants to have the clout i do but it will never happen! We not on the same level cause my ass didnt have to suck dick to get a check," she said poking her lips out.
"Whoa you dont play. Ima call you queen shade hunny cause you know all the juice," i laughed.
"Im here to support my friend, do my job and expose phony bitches if they step out of line," Stacy said finishing my eye shadow.
"Alright well ill see you down there girl, you might have to sit next to me," i chuckled giving her a high five.
As i was walking to the ballroom for dinner Lauren happened to be walking by with her friend. They both wore very low cut revealing dresses that weren't formal or Nigerian cultured.
"Did yall read the attire for dinner?" I asked
"Yes we did sweetheart thanks for the concern," she replied sarcastically.
"Bitch you need to be concerned about all the dick you put in your mouth and why you cant get booked for a full week straight!" I shouted back.
"Bitch you dont know me so stop with the accusations. Its always the jealous hoes that be making up stories for clout," she said nudging her friend with a smile.
"An its always the broke hoes that think they have clout that get beat the fuck up and end up in the hospital," i replied kicking off my heels.
"Lauren, its not worth it we here for this check and reasons we're not about to disclose to a random so lets go," her friend begged grabbing her wrist.
"Smart move," i sneered walking away.