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Dear xxxxxxx.
Majority of my 100 billion neurons interconnect very effectively using billions of synapses , each synapse sending a minimum of 1000 signals/second if I see, hear , smell, taste ,touch anything directly or indirectly related to you ! UcenterDress mother of the groom and bride collections in vintage style
Why are you controlling my thoughts so much ? Are you aiming for a doctorate in neurosciences , using my brain as the apparatus ?
Whenever the photons from my eyes are reflected back by your eyes, the auricles and ventricles of my heart begin to pump blood faster .
I wish to take Benzodiazepines to reduce my anxiety .
The bright light of my memories, pertaining to you, which are registered in my brain , inhibits the release of Melatonin harmon by my pineal glands at nights , resulting in insomnia.
The events pertaining to you are stored in Cache memory and other events have become memories stored in the cloud storage with no internet connection.
My myopia filled eyes have better facial recognition than the Facebook when it comes to your face .
Whenever you talk to other boys , the gastric juice levels increase drastically , resulting in the drop of pH value in my stomach.
Are you aware that you are liable to get arrested under IPC section 441 for trespassing into my heart without my permission ??
I wonder if my ears start growing taste buds because your words taste like honey .
Even the pimple whose center is at a coordinate of (3,1) with scale on X and Y axes as 1 unit = 1 cm , with the origin as the right most apex of your mouth, looks cute to me .
The supernumary teeth you have on the upper right jaw beside your molar tooth is very attractive .
I wonder why evolution has not made other girls as beautiful as you?!
My 80 kg mass is attracted vigorously towards you . Are you a black hole which causes this ruthless attraction ??
I can find you everywhere in the space-time fabric which I perceive, making me realize the Advaita Principle of Jagadguru Aadi Shankaracharya .
Even my heartbeat is in resonance with the pronunciation of your name .
I am like an empty set and you complement me making our union a Universal Set .
You are the carrier signal , I am the baseband signal. Your superimposition on me takes me to the destination of blissfulness.
You are the reason for the high secretion of oxytocin and vasopressin harmones in me which people colloquially call as Love Harmones.
May be you are the Euthanasia for the single in me !
People call me a nerd and mock me that I have no social life but trust me I am not a nerd , my dear .