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I worked hard to have a better life. I went from nothing to something. In that time I prayed things would be different if I worked hard. I went from foster care to foster care. Adopted on my 10th birthday and back into foster care almost a month and a half before my 13th birthday. Foster hime to foster home again. I then went to an all girls group home. Were I lived for 6 years 6 months and 1 day. Then I bounced from home to home, til I met the McConnon's. I lived with them a little over two and a half years. I left them and became homeless. Yes I slept in a shed in the middle of winter and once in a while had the privilege to sleep in a heated car. Maoved from home to home. I met someone and became stable again. Lived with him 5 years and got section 8. Finally headed some where. I got my very first apartment all by myself and lived there two years. Paid rent late once. I had a job that paid my bills and I finally was able to start dating the man of my dreams. Pushed me to work even harder because I loved the awards from my hard work. Leave my apartment because it wasn't safe to live in anymore. I ended my job and thought I list everything again. That was til I staryed at Lacks. I lost my section 8 and food stamps. I get paid every week and able to pay my bills 1 month in advance. I got my driver's license and a car with help of my dream boyfriend and his mom. I look and go I should be happy. But I'm not because it isn't good enough. I was so proud and got shut down when ALL the negative comments started coming my way. UcenterDress formal prom party dresses With long sleeve that look sexy

You'll crash, you'll die in a car accident, I hope you die, you ugly, you fat, you dark, you will lose it all again, No one loves you, how can you look at yourself in the mirror, gag me because all I see is a 300 pound woman, you will never be a dime, who told you that you were cute, enjoy the good because the bad about to come and you will lose it all, you dumb, you will never truly accomplish your goals.

I can NEVER be recognized for what I have accomplished or how far I've come from what I use to be like. I'm better and yet No one is happy for me. I'm fighting ALL odds held against me and kicking they ass and still YOU look at my flaws. I was happy and now! NOW I AM THE MOST CONFUSED I HAVE EVER BEEM IN MY LIFE. WHY DO YOU ALWAYS LOOK AT ME AS RHE BAD GUY? ALL I WANT TO DO IS BE HAPPY AND PEOPLE START SAYING NICE THINGS TO ME. IS RHAT TO MUCH TO ASK? I'M ALWAYS SMILING AND NICE TO YOU. DO MY A SOLID AND SHOW ME BACK THE SAME AFFECTION I SHOW YOU. GIVE ME A F***ING BREAK!!!!!! I AM TIRED!!!! I CANT DO THIS ALONE ANYMORE. JOIN ME OR LEAVE ME ALONE. ALL 50 OF YOU!!!!!