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Your heart is never prepared for loss. It's never prepared to be told it will never see a face light up when they talk about cars, his family, his friends, or when he tells silly jokes ever again. Its never prepared to know that the long car rides full of singing to the radio, visiting places you have never been, and sitting out under the stars while watching the moon come over the horizon while talking about life, God, and differences we can make in the world will never happen with him again. It's never prepared to hear the songs you both reminisced over, recalling childhood memories and laughing hysterically over and over until your faces hurt, your stomachs were in pain, and tears were rolling down cheeks. Your heart is prepared to take on the battle of caring as best you know how, but its never prepared to let go.
Clint , you are one if the best men I have ever known in my life. Your love for others astounded me. You showed me so much in such a short amount of time, and I will never take it for granted. The day that you were diagnosed with a relapse of your cancer you hugged me and told me to never settle... to never accept less than what I deserve... that there are good men in the world and I deserve to be loved and taken care of in a way that I will never lose myself or my self worth... you made me promise you that I won't ever settle. I promised then, and I promise now. We talked about traveling, and your were going to teach me about cars... I will never forget how you lit up like a Christmas tree whenever I let you ramble on about cars... it was one of my favorite things about you. You looked like a kid on Christmas when I asked questions, and you were so patient with My lack of knowledge. I will never forget the day I fixed my car on my own and I called to tell you and how excited you got for me. My kids loved you from the instant they met you. It's hard to see how anyone couldn't. You most certainly left your mark in my life that will never be replaced. My heart is broken into a million pieces, but i know your being welcomed with open arms by God, and your family that went before you. My selfishness wants you to be here still, but in my heart i am relieved you are not in pain anymore. Thank you for being my best friend, accepting me for me, and loving me regardless of my broken parts. Ucenter Dress with jacket items to wear of the occasions

I will love you for the rest of my life, and carry you with me always.