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Pinpoint prescriptions
I have designed specifically to give you a quick run through on some of the remedies mentioned here and the ailments that they help to conter. But I must once again stress that it is always to consult your Homoeopath before commencing on any of these medicines.
Abies nig 30 Hyperacidity worsen after eating, sensation of a lump which hurts at pit of the stomach.
Aconite 200 sudden fever due to exposure to dry cold wind
Very nervous with fear of disease.
Aesculus 30 very painful piles or fissure with constant backache.
Aethusa Infant or child brings out curd like vomit after each feed, and it's very offensive.
Allium capa 200 bouts of sneezing in damp cold weather bland watery discharge from eyes and an acrid discharge from nose.
Alumina silicate 30 cracks at the tips of fingers, they are painful and Itching, pus oozes out from them and relief dipping fingers in warm water.
Ammonium Carb 200 sneezing worse in the morning on washing the face. Nose is constantly blocked.
Ant crud 200 offensive breath, thickly coated tounge gastric upset and bloating after eating rich food pickles.
Apis 30 after insects bites specially a bee. It's very good for sudden skin allergy like Itching and swelling in spots, when it feels very hot and can be comforted only by cold water applications.
Arnica 200/1 m injuries of all kinds, falls, sprains contusion, lacrertaion, injury by blunt weapons, dislocation tooth extraction and even after surgical operations, insect stings and tiredness.
Ars alb 200/1 m immediately controls diarrhoea and vomiting if due to food poisoning.
Bartya carb 200 enlarged tonsils nose block, dribbling of saliva the child breaths through the mouth.
Belladonna 30/200 it works best when given as an anti Inflammatory in initial stages of Inflammation like tonsillitis, blisters, boils and bedsores.
Borax 200 Blisters or ulcers in the mouth specially of a nursing child.
Calendula mother tincture has proved to be best antiseptic and healing agents when applied externally to open wounds on ulcers after surgical procedures and in burns Calendula 10% mother tincture should be diluted with 90% water before using. Calendula ointment can also be used in the same way. Calendula Powder is very good for prickly heat. Ucenter Dress on sale wedding wear options in pink color
Chamomilla 30 Teething problems in infants, they are extremely cranky, very irriatable, at times they also have greenish watery stools.
Coculus 200 traveling sickness specially going in a car around the mountains and in seasickness in short for any kind of motion sickness.
Gelsemium 200 Bad effects from fright, fear, excitement, nervousness, stage fright, examination fear causes uneasy feeling at the pit of the stomach, nausea and dullness in the head.
Hamamelis Q/30 for bleeding piles ,vericose veins
Hypericum 200/1 m injury in the nerves specially those of fingers, toes, nails, and crushed fingertips
. Ledum pal 200/1 m punctured wound, bites inflicted by angry animals, rusty that run dangerously into the soles of the feet or palms of the hands or a black eye from a blow or contusion.
Mag phos 30/200 as a first aid in colicky pain in the abdomen and also in earache, backache and cramps like radiating muscular pain..
Nux vom 30/200 indigestion dyspepsia loose stools or constipation, belching due to gas, burning in the chest. Feeling of stony hardness in stomach.
Picric acid 30 brain fag in students along with a throbbing headache.
Podophyllum 200 summer diarrhoea offensive watery yellowish loose stools they come out with force, a lot of rumbling and gurgling.
Robinia 6/30; Sore eructations, acidity
Symphoricarpus RAS 200 pregnancy sickness nausea and vomiting.
Symphytum 200 for smashed and bruised humanity. It's best used for fractures. It reduces pain and coarsennss and speeds up the union of bones.
Tabacum. Excellent for air sickness..