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Just wanted to give a quick agenda on Tuesday's meeting

-Elliott Whitney (Assistant Superintendent of Research & Design) He will be discussing the educational "redesign" and how we can be involved for or local and zoned schools based on what the community is asking for.This includes implementing individualized programs such as but not limited to dual language and IB. (We have met with him twice, and my two sentences cannot do justice to what their goal/mission is) Ucenter Dress evening party garment by custom made
-Gretchen Holtsinger (Director BIL/ESL)- She will be discussing the current dual language programs. How they are set up and function, and a quick synopsis of how to apply.
-Sharee Cantrell (Director of Early Education) -She will be discussing pre-k options including Tiger Trail.

In addition to these three speakers we will also have the principals of Pine Shadows Elementary, Terrace Elementary, Spring Shadows Elementary, and Westwood Elementary. They will be there to answer any questions after or just so that you can meet them and say Hi.

I hope to see everyone there whether you just had a baby or already have school age children. I hope that this will help get more information out on all the early education options and how we can get involved to make all the local schools provide the education that we dream for our kids.

Oh and if you can't find a sitter for your kids Tuesday, bring them! We are all parents, we totally get it, and wont judge when your kid yells they have to poop. (that happens to me in restaurants every time)