Ucenter Dress beige or ivory color wears to a prom

TW/CN: sex talk, trans issues

So as a social experiment of sorts, I did not reveal I was trans on most of my dating profiles. I wanted to keep it out and bring it up naturally in conversation. I also wanted to see how many likes and messages I would get. I got a lot. Not like a lot, a lot but a nice sum. I would say 5 likes or so a day. A message every other day. Mostly from other bi/gay men but still. Attention.

Recently, I put down I am trans. I was tired of seeing people not want to deal with it or see the attraction ebb away the moment I mentioned it.

Now, I haven't gotten a thing. I got maybe 1 like? I'm getting a few on tinder but I don't count tinder much. It's trash for the most part.

My point is, being trans, is seen as unattractive or they don't wanna deal with it because of what I have or don't have in my pants. Which is silly because pack and play packers are a thing. Strap ons are a thing. And that's just on the topic of sex. Which I understand is part of the relationship but can cis people get over themselves and just learn about our bodies. Can you please accept us? Ucenter Dress beige or ivory color wears to a prom

If someone likes me, I pray I find the one that can see past it, be open and like me for me. Not drop me the minute they find out my dick isn't attached to my body.

Cis people need to get educated and understand we are here. Understand we are the gender we are.. I'm a dude and I'm no different than any other dude. I promise you that. So sad I even gotta go through this.

Adding to this:
Comment was deleted but to answer anyone asking me how a strap on compares to a "real" penis here is my reply:

If you are looking for something that's all physical and only care about my dick, then look else where.

Also, scientifically, women with vaginas get off more with fingering than with penetration.

And to add that most sex toys are so realistic they even heat up to mimic body heat. There's even KY jelly that will heat up like body heat.

Any cis person who says these things, you're proving my point. How bland and vanilla is your sex life that you can't wrap your head around fucking a trans person?

Newsflash: Most of us don't use our parts. First of all. Second of all, getting off isn't all about the thrusting. And it's not all about genitals. What is your fascination with genitals? Just cause my dick isn't attached to my body doesn't mean I can't pleasure you. Get over yourself.

Learn about our bodies cause I'm a man and I can love someone just as well as any cis man.