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List of nonsense that should end in 2017!
1: Boo did you just CUM inside me? Seriously where are we supposed to CUM? Is it easy to jump off from a moving train? If you don't want him to CUM inside you then ask him to use C*ndoms before sxx!
2: that silly act of folding 500naira into your Bae hand for transportation, stop that. She deserves better. Because you need to chase her even when she's already yours.
3: You'll be wet in ur pant & still struggling not to do,pls this pretentious attitude should end in 2017.
4: Going to a girls timeline to write, thanks for acceptance, thanks for acceptation, thanks for accepting, thanks for accept, thanks for acception, this nonsense should end in 2017.
5: "I've missed my period should stop this 2017 oh! If u misplaced it just go and look for it..
6: You're not dating her and you will come to her post and be commenting, "my love, my one and only", and be scaring serious candidates away. please let it end this year.
7: Drinking sniper because of heart break. Make una no try carry this attitude enter next year. You're precious to someone out there. Secure your life.
8: A guy will invite you over for lunch and you'll come with your girlfriends, cousins, school mates, ancestors to consume his money, that character should end in 2017. He invited you for a lunch not child dedication. Ucenter Dress adorable prom wears designed for little girl
9: He's my male bestie, she's my female bestie. This lies should end in 2017. Rat and meat aren't friends. Don't be too closer to an opposite gender when you guys ain't dating. It leads to stabbing.
10: Are you on whatsapp? That question should stop. If you want to ask her for number please be bold enough to ask her number. Stop using whatsapp to cover up.
11. The act of spending money on girls must end this year.Girls should start spending on guys from 2018